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British Columbia Public Service Pension Board of Trustees

PRI reporting framework 2020

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INF 11. ESG issues in post-investment activities

11.1. 組織のインフラ資産の投資後の活動に関連して、組織や事業者がESG問題を考慮しているかどうかを明示してください。

11.2. 組織のインフラ資産の投資後の以下の活動に関連して、組織や事業者がESG問題をどのように考慮しているかを明示してください。

          See INF 11.3 BCI's team monitors certain ESG KPIs on a quarterly basis and interacts with investee companies on ESG issues.

11.3. 組織のインフラ投資の投資後の活動において組織や事業者がESG問題をどのように考慮しているかを説明してください。 [任意]

Our investment agent, BCI, invests in stand-alone companies with internalised operations teams. ESG policies are therefore established and enforced at the Board level. BCI generally seeks to make investments material enough to obtain Board representation. BCI expects and governs management of their companies to exhibit good corporate social responsibility, and expect management teams to foster a culture of engaging with the communities they operate in. Management teams provide status reports detailing ESG issues to the Board and directly to shareholders as part of standard reporting requirements. Sub-committees are established to address ESG issues as required.