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Bloomberg LP Retirement Plans

PRI reporting framework 2020

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ESG issues in asset allocation

SG 13. ESG issues in strategic asset allocation

13.1. Indicate whether the organisation carries out scenario analysis and/or modelling, and if it does, provide a description of the scenario analysis (by asset class, sector, strategic asset allocation, etc.).

Describe Bloomberg undertook scenario analysis modeling utilizing Mercer’s updated Climate Risk Analyzer (2019) on its 2019 asset allocation. Mercer’s tool is its latest edition climate scenario model for assessing the effects of both climate-related physical damages (physical risks) and the transition to a low-carbon economy (transition risks) on investment return expectations.

13.2. Indicate if your organisation considers ESG issues in strategic asset allocation and/or allocation of assets between sectors or geographic markets.

We do the following

13.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

As a participant directed defined contribution plan provider, Bloomberg Global Retirement Plans does not typically perform asset allocation analysis or determine the asset allocation of individual participants or the plan overall, except to the extent that we offer participants an appropriately diversified selection of fund options, including target date funds. However, plan changes may in future consider climate change risk as it impacts the average participant. Also while scenario analysis has been conducted, a strategy building off of this analysis is still under development.

SG 13 CC.

SG 14. Long term investment risks and opportunity

14.1. Some investment risks and opportunities arise as a result of long term trends. Indicate which of the following are considered.

14.2. Indicate which of the following activities you have undertaken to respond to climate change risk and opportunity

Please explain why not

While climate analyses are regularly completed, an action plan responsive to the findings of these analyses is still under development, given the nature of our asset pool as participant-directed.

14.3. Indicate which of the following tools the organisation uses to manage climate-related risks and opportunities.

other description

          We have calculated and analyzed a number of the metrics above, and we are in the process of developing a formal strategy around these metrics.

14.5. Additional information [Optional]

SG 14 CC.

SG 15. Allocation of assets to environmental and social themed areas (Private)