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Alder Capital Investment Management (Delisted)

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 05. RI goals and objectives

05.1. 組織が責任投資活動に関して目的を設定して見直しを行っているかどうか、および、行っている場合にはその頻度を記載してください。

05.2. 補足情報 [任意]

The Alder Capital board made a decision to sign up to UNPRI, FX Global Code and consider how we can be more ESG in our business.

We have had several  dedicated meetings since signing  up to UNPRI  and ESG is often is part of the ongoing agenda at our operations commitee meetings which are held every 5-6 weeks. We actively seek ESG ideas from staff, which have contributed to our energy saving and recycling policies . ESG  has become more  accepted as part of business and features at meetings both at team and executive level.

SG 06. Main goals/objectives this year

06.1. 報告年度に組織として設定している責任投資の主な目的を挙げてください。



          A quick brief on ESG at each operations meeting. held  every 5-6 weeks.   All staff  have a copy of the ESG policy.


Staff are becoming more engaged and making more suggestions as well as looking in ESG related lines of business.

Staff awareness of  UNPRI   - done

Staff access to ESG policy  2019 - done

Staff access to FX Global Code  -done

Alder Capital website  ESG CSR update - completed

Implementation of cloud based system to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. The migration process is still ongoing and is envisaged to conclude by Autumn 2020. A major part of the project has been successfully completed.

Introduced  better recycling policy in staff canteen.

Alder Capital introduced the theme supporting education as part of the social aspect of ESG.  Education has been  of huge benefit to all the staff in Alder Capital, hence we wanted to support education. 

We decided to support three organisations in 2019.

  • CAMARA  which educations children in Africa with recycled Irish computers
  • Wandsworth PrisonTrust which provides support to newly released prisoners to help them get started again in life
  • Irish Maths Olympia which prepares the Irish Team for the  Maths Olympics. 

More details are listed on our Company website.









          Communication at the staff team meeting.


In the last year we decided to have a formal ESG policy.    This included signing the UNPRI and the FX Global Code.  We communicated the intention to the staff and began communicating this message to our staff.  Following on from this,  all members of staff are more ESG aware and now making recommendations on CSR and ESG improvements. 



          Agreed to share our ESG policy with all clients.


We have communicated our ESG policy to clients and created a formal ESG policy document setting out our principals .





          Attending ESG related organisations


Attending SIF ( Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum) Ireland. 


          We include references to ESG in our meetings


06.2. 補足情報 [任意]