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CapMan Plc

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PE 01. Description of approach to RI

01.1. プライベートエクイティの責任投資に対する組織のアプローチの概要を説明してください。

ESG matters are always a part of the investment process; tools and checklists for identifying need for more detailed DD are in place and most significant opportunities and/or risks need to be identified on the investment memorandum. During holding period, portfolio-level questionnaires are done annually and the case teams monitor the performance of individual portfolio companies in more detail through the Board. Any incidents, as well as general performance, are reported to fund investors.

PE 02. Investment guidelines and RI

02.1. 組織の投資活動が、責任投資ポリシーを指針としているか、責任投資ガイドラインに従っているかを示してください。

02.2. 投資活動におけるESG問題に対するスタッフおよびポートフォリオ企業のアプローチへの期待について、どのように組織がその概要をまとめているか説明してください。また責任投資/ガイドラインおよび組織が組織内のスタッフとポートフォリオ企業の経営陣に責任投資への期待をどのように説明または伝達しているかについて、その範囲を説明してください。 [任意]

As outlined in CapMan’s Code of Conduct, the staff is expected to act in line with company’s commitment to the principles of responsible investment (as stated in CapMan’s Sustainable Investment Policy) at every stage of investments – always aiming to be a value adding active owner who is dedicated to build successful and long-lasting businesses in a sustainable manner.

CapMan requires that all the funds’ portfolio companies comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations. In addition, each portfolio company draws up a programme to ensure that good corporate governance principles are followed. Requirements and expectations may vary with respect to other ESG aspects depending e.g. on sector, geography and business model of the portfolio company in question. CapMan takes immediate actions if any critical ESG issues arise concerning the portfolio companies during the ownership period.