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PRI reporting framework 2020

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PR 01. Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy

01.1. Indicate if your organisation has a Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy.

01.2. Provide a URL or attach the document

01.3. Provide a brief overview of your organisation’s approach to responsible investment in property, and how you link responsible investment in property to your business strategy. [Optional]

Skandia's property owner, Skandia Fastigheter, is certified according to the international environmental management system ISO 14001:2015. We have an environment policy:

Skandia Fastigheter owns, manages and develops properties within four sectors: Office space, Retail/Commercial, Residential and Public use. As one of Sweden's largest property owners we have an opportunity and responsibility to make a difference and contribute to a sustainable development in society.

The objective of our environmental work is to actively reduce our negative, and increase our positive impact on the environment. We follow and strive to exceed laws and internal standards. To continuously improve and push our limits we focus on:

  • Reducing our energy usage and increasing our share of renewable energy
  • Making conscious choices of more sustainable materials and chemicals
  • Utilizing waste and resources in an efficient manner
  • Taking responsibility for and reducing our climate emissions
  • Actively raising our own and our stakeholders’ competence
  • Continuously following up on and improving our environmental work

The environmental work is mainly focused on our significant environmental aspects which are energy, materials and chemicals and waste. Our four significant social aspects are employment, urban space for everybody, strategic partnerships and responsible supply chains.

We calculate our greenhouse gas emissions yearly.  We use the result to take action in lowering our negative impact, improving the collection of statistics and taking responsibility meanwhile.