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Sector Asset Management AS

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Monitoring and reporting

HF 12. Long/short exposure and reporting

12.1. Could you indicate whether you report separately on your funds’ long/short/net exposures?

Please explain

          The Investment Partners use the same approach on both long and short portfolios.

HF 13. Metrics/KPI for RI progress

13.1. Please describe what metrics/initiatives (internal and/or external) your organisation uses to measure its progress in incorporating RI into the investment process.

13.2. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


HF 14. Exposure to climate risk (Not Completed)

HF 15. Reports to investors

15.1. How often and in what format (e.g. meetings, written reports) does your organisation report to its investors on ESG activities risks assessments? Please provide reporting examples.

15.2. Additional information [OPTIONAL]