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MetallRente GmbH

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Outsourcing to fiduciary managers and investment consultants

SG 12. Role of investment consultants/fiduciary managers

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12.1. Indicate whether your organisation uses investment consultants.

12.2. Indicate how your organisation uses investment consultants in the selection, appointment and/or monitoring of external managers.

12.4. Indicate whether you use investment consultants for any the following services. Describe the responsible investment components of these services.

Describe how responsible investment is incorporated

          In the reporting year 2018, we have worked with investment / ESG / RI consultants SD-M to receive an alternative assessment on the ESG implementation in our asset allocation and a second view on our strategic asset allocation with regards to ESG and RI. This cooperation is not continuous, but a result of a singular mandate for the beforementioned purpose to evaluate and double-check our ESG-related efforts with regards to asset allocation and asset management.

12.5. Indicate whether your organisation considers any of the following responsible investment factors in the monitoring of fiduciary managers

12.6. Describe the approach you take to monitoring your fiduciary managers and the reason(s) for this approach [Optional].

We review and monitor our fiduciary managers and external managers whether they act in line with our ESG strategy and policy as well as in line with the UN-PRI as they are signatories too.

12.7. Additional information [Optional].

For our case, we understand fiduciary managers and external asset managers as identical roles. This means for the MetallRente.Fondsportfolio (MR.FP) our external asset managers (AGI) also act as fiduciary managers.