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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Implementation processes

FI 01. Incorporation strategies applied

Indicate (1) Which ESG incorporation strategy and/or combination of strategies you apply to your actively managed fixed income investments; and (2) The proportion (+/- 5%) of your total actively managed fixed income investments each strategy applies to.
Corporate (non-financial)
0 Screening alone
0 Thematic alone
0 Integration alone
60 Screening + integration strategies
0 Thematic + integration strategies
0 Screening + thematic strategies
40 All three strategies combined
0 No incorporation strategies applied

01.2. Describe your reasons for choosing a particular ESG incorporation strategy and how combinations of strategies are used.

EBRD screens all potential investments for environmental and social impacts and governance risks. We carry out due diligence approriate to the identified risks and potential impacts, and we work with clients to develop approaches to manage and mitigate them in line with our Environmental and Social Policy and Performance Requirements and Governance related policies. Our main thematic strategy is our Green Economy Transition approach. EBRD actively screens in and promotes investments in projects that materialise climate mitigation, adaptation or environmental benefits and opportunities.

01.3. Additional information [Optional].

FI 02. ESG issues and issuer research (Private)

FI 03. Processes to ensure analysis is robust

03.1. Indicate how you ensure that your ESG research process is robust:

03.2. Describe how your ESG information or analysis is shared among your investment team.

          Environmental and social specialists are assigned to each project team and ESG issues are discussed in investment papers

03.3. Additional information. [Optional]