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Didner & Gerge Fonder AB

PRI reporting framework 2020

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(A) Implementation: Screening

LEI 04. Types of screening applied

04.1. Indicate and describe the type of screening you apply to your internally managed active listed equities.

Type of screening

Screened by


We perform sector based screening to find out the percentege of a company's revenue that strives from tobacco, pornography, military, alcohol, commersial gaming and fossil fuels (including coal). We also screen for alleged or confirmed violations against international norms and conventions in the areas of environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. The screening of international norm and conventions also includes controversial weapons.

Screened by


We have guidelines that specify we should not invest in companies that have confirmed violations to these norms. If we already own a company that makes a violation we must always at least initiate a dialouge with the company.

04.2. Describe how you notify clients and/or beneficiaries when changes are made to your screening criteria.

The fund company (CEO and board) has set up guidelines with the framework for which criteria we should screen for. We update the guidelines annually and inform clients of changes either through our quarterly reports and/or at our website.There are some differences between the funds on which criteria they must take notice of with regards to the negative screening. None of the funds can invest in companies involved in controversial weapons. The other products and sectors we screen for are pornography, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, commersial gaming and fossil fuels. Some funds do not allow any of the companies to be involved in these areas at all, and some do allow some sectors to some extent. To some extent we have set the criteria in dialouge with clients but mostly it is the decision of the portfolio managers, with of course the company guidelines as a framework. When it comes to the norm based screening the guidelines states that investments should only be made in companies that do not breach international conventions and norms on environment, social aspects (human rigths, labour rights, corruption) and corporate govnernance. The screening service provider sets up screening with regards to a number of international conventions including those mentioned above. The screening is performed at least four times a year.

LEI 05. Processes to ensure screening is based on robust analysis

05.1. Indicate which processes your organisation uses to ensure ESG screening is based on robust analysis.

05.2. Indicate the proportion of your actively managed listed equity portfolio that is subject to comprehensive ESG research as part your ESG screening strategy.

05.3. Indicate how frequently third party ESG ratings are updated for screening purposes.

05.5. Additional information. [Optional]

LEI 06. Processes to ensure fund criteria are not breached (Private)