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Carnegie Fonder AB

PRI reporting framework 2020

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LEI 12. How ESG incorporation has influenced portfolio composition

12.1. 組織のESG組み入れ戦略がポートフォリオや投資ユニバースの構成にどういう影響を与えているかを記載してください。


Carnegie Fonder has an exclusion policy that covers the following sectors: tobacco, pornography, alcohol, weapons or war material, anti-personnel mines, cluster bombs, chemical and biological weapons as well as nuclear weapons. The mentioned industries are excluded in all our funds; however, the majority of our funds also exclude commercial gambling and coal. Each fund manager is welcome to narrow down the investment universe further by excluding fossil fuels for example. Current sector exclusions on fund level may be found here:

The effect on the available universe and portfolios is insignificant, and we deem these exclusions to have a positive, rather than negative, effect on performance in the long term.

削減率を明記してください(+/- 5%)

5 %


12.2. 補足情報 [任意]

We firmly believe that more well informed investment decisions, taking into account relevant and material ESG-factors, will help us make better investments, with a positive effect on our long term performance.

LEI 13. Examples of ESG issues that affected your investment view / performance

13.1. 組織の投資見解や報告年度のパフォーマンスに影響を与えたESG問題の例を挙げてください。


Money laundering issues in the Nordic banks - Swedbank

適用したESG組み入れ戦略 Screening|Integration


Ongoing investigations into the Swedish bank Swedbank caused the funds holding the stock to reduce the exposure to it.


Share of fossil fuels and renewables used by power generation company Stockholm Exergi.

適用したESG組み入れ戦略 Screening|Integration


The company's share of renewables far outweighs their share of fossil fuels and they also have a clear plan to completely phase out fossil fuels in their production. The impact was that the holding fulfil our criteria for transition cases and thus eligible for funds with exclusion of fossil fuel companies.


In-depth ESG analysis on company Duni, focus on emissions and resource efficiency.

適用したESG組み入れ戦略 Integration


The responses to our questions along with the analysis reinforced our view of the company of having good ESG profile and thus led us to maintain our significant exposure to it.


Money laundering issues in the Nordic banks - Danske Bank

適用したESG組み入れ戦略 Screening|Integration


A possible investment into Danske Bank was evaluated during the year with the outcome that the risks and uncertainties were to high to warrant an investment. The investment decision was to not invest.

13.2. 補足情報 [任意]