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Carnegie Fonder AB

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 05. RI goals and objectives

05.1. 組織が責任投資活動に関して目的を設定して見直しを行っているかどうか、および、行っている場合にはその頻度を記載してください。

05.2. 補足情報 [任意]

Responsible investment goals and activities are set on a copmany and individual level on an annual basis. Carnegie Fonder's Responsible Investments Board meets every month to discuss ongoing advocacy dialogues, verify that the fund managers are taking sustainability issues into account and to ensure that Carnegie Fonder's employees are provided ongoing training on these matters, and may decide to launch additional responsible investment projects at any time throughout the year.

SG 06. Main goals/objectives this year

06.1. 報告年度に組織として設定している責任投資の主な目的を挙げてください。



          Provide training on using our internal ESG-analysis tool, CF THOR


Portfolio managers and analysts have received proper training on how to use the tool, along with a detailed manual explaining the factors analyzed.


          Develop and implement a formal engagement log for tracking and sharing insights on company engagements in a more structured manner.


Engagement log developed and fully implemented. During 2019 we recorded 55 company dialogues. This facilitates communication by having a centralized view of ongoing engagements.


          Develop internal analysis tool to more formally structure our ESG-analysis. Ensures that we consider material ESG-aspects in relation to an investment.


During 2019 we developed and launched our proprietary ESG analysis tool, CF THOR. The tool was developed internally in a process which included active participation and input from the investment team. The target for 2020 is that all portfolio holdings hav been analyzed using the tool by 2020-06-30



          Develop and launch framework to structure and formalize our internal ESG analysis (see description of CF THOR above)


During 2019 we developed and launched our proprietary ESG analysis tool, CF THOR, to identify and assess ESG-related risks and opportunities in existing and potential portfolio companies. Will ensure that ESG factors are taken into consideration in a more structured manner which, over time, may impact portfolio construction and thus performance. The target for 2020 is that all portfolio holdings have been analyzed using the tool by 2020-06-30.



          Fundamental ESG analysis using internal tool CF THOR. Ensures that ESG factors are taken into consideration in a more structured manner.


Although Carnegie Fonder does not apply a best-in-class strategy in any of our funds, we seek to invest in companies that we believe are stable, well-managed and long term in all matters, including ESG. During 2019 we developed and launched our own, proprietary ESG tool, CF THOR to structure our analysis and help us to confirm that a company employs sustainable business practices and has a business model that remains sustainable in the long term. The tools also helps us identify companies/situations where the ESG risks and opportunities appear to be “misunderstood” by the market in general, but where our analysis provides us with sufficient comfort to invest, and identifies particular areas where we can engage with the company to encourage ESG-related improvements which we believe can be value creating.



          Case studies included in our sustainability report, annual report and client presentations.


Among other things we included several case studies in our ESG-report, please see link here: 

06.2. 補足情報 [任意]