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Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Ltd

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 07. RI roles and responsibilities

07.1. 組織が採用している内部または外部の役割、ならびにそれぞれの責任投資に対する監督責任および実施責任の有無について明示してください。



07.2. RIの監督/説明責任または実施責任を担う役職について、このような責任をどのように果たすのか記載してください。

Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited's investment activities (including investment proposals and property acquisitions) are overseen by an Investment Committee which is chaired by the Chief Investment Officer. This committee works together to ensure proper execution of the HLIF investment strategy, consistent application of policies, compliance with all procedures and compliance with any applicable regulatory requirements. Any approval by this Investment Committee also requires approval from an external consultant with extensive experience in sustainable real estate management. This helps to ensure that all decisions made by the Investment Committee have the benefit of an independent expert. 

Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited will also be guided by the decisions of the HLIF ACD, which is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the fund, for establishing appropriate investment programmes and for designing and implementing the policies and procedures that govern the fund's operations, including ESG practices.

Jamie Beale (director of Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited) is ultimately responsible for the Home Long Income Fund ESG Policy, in his role as fund manager. This requires ensuring that the ESG policy is reviewed on at least an annual basis, and involves accountability for ensuring that the policy is properly complied with. Where necessary or appropriate, Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited will amend its policies and procedures to fully reflect any decisions taken by HLIF. 

Additional oversight is provided by LJ Administration (UK) Limited, in its role as AIFM for HLIF. This role includes LJ Administration (UK) Limited reviewing all investments proposed by Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited against the agreed investment policy. As the investment policy for HLIF is fundamentally focused on providing properties to house the homeless in the UK, this provides an additional layer of scrutiny to ensure each property matches the ESG principles at the core of HLIF.

More general information about Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited 's approach to good governance is summarised in SG 07.4

07.3. 組織にいる専任の責任投資担当者の人数を記載してください。


07.4. 補足情報 [任意]

Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited has in place a number of controls to ensure good governance throughout its operations. The risk mitigation measures apply to:

  • Compliance 

We are committed to conducting business with the highest integrity and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. All employees must adhere to our management policies and procedures. Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited is an appointed representative of Alvarium RE Limited, and therefore required to comply with its compliance systems. The Compliance Oversight Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer for Alvarium RE Limited has responsibility for: 

  • implementation, monitoring, review and enforcement of our policies and procedures, including those relating to tackling financial crime and preventing conflicts of interests;
  • overall responsibility for regulatory compliance and risk management;
  • making regulatory filings and submissions;
  • advising on new regulatory requirements or initiatives; and
  • reviewing conflicts of interest.

Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited employees receive training to ensure they understand their compliance obligations, and understand how to identify potential issues. This training also provides information about the escalation and reporting processes which should be followed in the event that a potential issue or risk is uncovered.

  • Investment 

Investment risk is overseen by the Investment Committee which monitors all capital transactions undertaken by the firm. This committee ensures that investment teams place the proper emphasis on preservation of capital, identification and management of investment risk and appropriate pricing of risk at the portfolio and property level. The Investment Committee is responsible for monitoring portfolio risk and reviewing each of the investment portfolios on a half-yearly basis.

In addition, an independent standing valuer has been engaged for HLIF. Independent valuations of the properties held in the HLIF portfolio are provided on a quarterly basis, with each property being subject to a physical inspection on at least an annual basis. This improves the objectivity of the reviews and assessments which Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited conducts in relation to the HLIF portfolio. 

  • Operational

Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited is part of the wider Alvarium group, which provides support in relation to operational matters. This includes in relation to financial controls, IT systems, cybersecurity and disaster recovery/business continuity procedures. The Alvarium group provides investment services in multiple jurisdictions globally, and is therefore well placed to provide operational support to mitigate risk for Alvarium Social Housing Advisors Limited. 


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