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BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited

PRI reporting framework 2020

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OO 10. Active ownership practices for listed assets

10.1. 報告年度において組織が実施した積極的な保有活動(アクティブ・オーナーシップ)を選択してください。

上場株式 – エンゲージメント

上場株式 – 議決権行使

債券SSA – エンゲージメント

債券 - 社債(金融) – エンゲージメント

債券 - 社債(非金融) – エンゲージメント

債券 - 社債(証券化) – エンゲージメント

OO 11. ESG incorporation practices for all assets

11.1. 投資決定や積極的な保有の実務に(報告年度中に)ESGの組み入れを行った組織内で運用される資産クラスを以下から選択してください。

債券 – SSA

債券 - 社債(金融)

債券 - 社債(非金融)

債券 - 証券化商品





債券 – SSA


債券 – 社債 (金融)


債券 – 社債 (非金融)


債券 – 証券化商品








11.4. 投資マネジャーの選定、任命、モニタリングプロセスに、投資に関する考慮事項がどのように含まれているかを簡単に説明してください。

Selection -

All external investment managers (IMs) are reviewed and scored during the selection stage in relation to:

  • Responsible Investment policy
  • Integration and consideration of ESG factors - if not, how open is the process to inclusion of ESG considerations?
  • Implementations - demonstration though examples of how ESG factors have impacted investment decisions
  • People and Resources - dedicated to the research and integration of ESG risks and opportunities.
  • Active ownership policy - including methods for integrating proxy voting practises.
  • UN PRI signatory status 
  • ESG reporting

RFP documents include the following questions :

  • Please describe how you integrate your consideration of ESG issues in your investment decision making.
  • Please include information on ESG research and its role in the investment process.
  • Do responsible investment practices form any part of investment managers' goals/incentives/remuneration? If yes, please provide brief details.
  • Do you have any additional resources outside the investment team with specific ESG related responsibilities or incentives? If yes, please provide brief details.
  • Do you identify and prioritise ESG issues and set engagement objectives for a particular company and, if so, how?

Appointment -

Investment Management Agreements include the following requirements on the IMs:

  • Requirement for the IM to act consistently (best endeavours) with BTNZ RI policy
  • Requirement for the IM to invest in accordance with the BTNZ's exclusion list
  • Requirement to vote in a way consistent with BTNZ's proxy voting policy
  • Reporting requirements covering ESG activities, engagement, voting activities etc.


IMs Monitoring process includes:

  • Review of developments / amendments to IMs RI policy (if applicable)
  • Examples of ESG research undertaken including new ESG risks and opportunities identified
  • Examples of the application of ESG factors in the investment decision making process
  • Examples of peer engagement and collaboration on RI matters
  • Review of managers' voting activity
  • Review of managers' engagement activities
  • Review of PRI reporting

11.5. 組織外で運用されるプール型ファンドについて、指名またはコミットメント・プロセスの一部として期待値を設定する他の仕組みについて記載してください(任意)。

All asset managers of the externally managed pooled funds are signatories to the PRI and have RI policies and statements in place that align with our beliefs that integration of ESG considerations can have a positive impact on portfolio return outcomes. The pooled vehicles additionally have security specific restrictions in place that broadly align with BTNZ's asset exclusion policy.

OO 12. Modules and sections required to complete

12.1. 自主的な報告を希望される場合には、該当するするモジュールやセクションを以下のリストから選択して下さい。組織のAUMの10%以上を占める資産クラスについてのみ報告が義務付けられています。



自己運用 – 債券


委託 - 組織外の運用会社の選定、指名、モニタリング


12.2. 補足情報 [任意]