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PRI reporting framework 2020

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A) 実施:スクリーニング

FI 04. Types of screening applied

04.1. 実施するスクリーニングの種類を記載してください。

ネガティブ/ 排他的スクリーニング

04.2. 組織内でアクティブ運用している債券に適用するスクリーニングのアプローチを記載してください。

Our negative screen evaluates a company’s products, services and practices to ensure they are not detrimental to society or the environment. U Ethical avoids investing in companies that:

- cause unacceptable damage to the natural environment

- infringe on human rights

- support oppressive regimes

- cause or perpetuate injustice and suffering

- have unacceptable occupational health and safety practices including disregard for minimum wage laws.

U Ethical also systematically excludes companies with operations in the following areas due to their inherent negative impacts:

- Oil, coal, gas (power generation, exploration, extraction)

- Uranium for non-medical uses

- Armaments

- Predatory lending

- Gambling

- Pornography and adult entertainment

- Animal cruelty

- Alcohol production

- Tobacco manufacturing

We recognise that there are occasions when companies inadvertently violate these principles and make genuine efforts to rectify this. Furthermore, we may choose not to exclude a company where a contravention of the principles constitutes less than 5% of the company’s revenue or earnings. In such instances, the contravention may be outweighed by significantly positive factors.

04.3. 補足情報 [任意]

FI 05. Examples of ESG factors in screening process (Private)

FI 06. Screening - ensuring criteria are met

06.1. 債券投資においてファンドスクリーニングの基準に違反がないことを確認するために組織が使用しているシステムを記載してください。


06.2. 補足情報 [任意]