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Jade Invest

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SAM 04. Appointment processes (listed equity/fixed income)

04.1. あなたの組織では、ほとんどのケースで、また、商品の仕組みが許す限り、運用会社の選定および・もしくは約定の一環として以下の項目のいずれかを行っているかどうかを明示してください。

04.2. 運用会社の指名において通常盛り込んでいる、ベンチマーク、目標、インセンティブ/コントロールおよび報告要件の事例を資産クラス別に記載してください。



          MSCI range of ESG indexes


          At the core of Jade Invest’s investment philosophy is the firm conviction that sustainability and best practice are accretive to long-term investment returns, both through downside risk reduction and increased return potential.
          Our investment screening is subject to several restrictions, i.e. certain criteria that need to be fulfilled prior to initial commercial due diligence. As a result, Jade Invest will refrain from investing in the following areas: 
* Companies that have been found to be in serious and systematic breach of environmental regulation, e.g. illegal disposal of hazardous waste or highly polluting manufacturing and/or sourcing 
* Products or substances harmful to human health, including tobacco and alcohol 
* Products or services in breach of fundamental Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) 
standards, including gambling and adult entertainment 
* Weapons and munitions 
* Companies involved in serious and systematic corruption, fraud or violation of local and 
international regulation 
* Companies associated with activities that are violating human rights 
* Companies engaged in business activities deemed to be in violation of international 
          Jade Invest manages a highly concentrated portfolio with deep and frequent interaction with management and ESG issues are not separated out from the overall portfolio management process, but fully integrated throughout the portfolio.
          Jade Invest works closely with portfolio company management teams to define feasible near-term goals as well as the major milestones to be achieved throughout the expected holding period. This is normally done during quarterly board meetings. Our approach emphasizes the importance of building deep commercial understanding within the portfolio company management with respect to ESG. This will include a study on the impact of ESG improvements on the company's addressable market as well as the improved exit potential that may come as a result of a higher overall level of ESG, tax and regulatory compliance.
          Jade Invest’s Responsible Investment Guidelines are fully integrated into the firm’s overall screening, due diligence and monitoring protocols and cover environment, corporate governance, labour rights, human rights as well as tax and regulatory compliance. In the pre-due diligence phase, Jade Invest conducts a top-level assessment of the potential target company to determine whether a) the the business model and industry are compatible with the RI guidelines, i.e. if it is deemed possible to reach a satisfactory level of compliance with adequate support and guidance. In the later stages of the underwriting process, a more detailed evaluation is being carried out as part of the overall risk assessment, along with an initial action plan focusing on areas of particular concern.



04.3. 報告要件のいずれかが満たされない場合に、組織では、以下に記載するどの措置を講じることになるのかを示してください。

04.4. 組織が設定している外部運用会社の指名プロセスに関連する追加情報を記載してください。 [任意]