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CI Investments Inc.

PRI reporting framework 2020

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A) 実施:スクリーニング

LEI 04. Types of screening applied

04.1. 組織内でアクティブ運用している上場株式に適用するスクリーニングの種類を記載し、説明してください。




As per CI Investments' Responsible Investment Policy, we will not knowingly directly invest in companies associated with the production, use or distribution of anti-personnel landmines or cluster munitions, as determined by a third-party research provider. This restriction applies to actively managed funds where CI Investments directly controls the investment strategy of the fund.

Furthermore, CI Investments' external investment subadvisors are expected to abide by these restrictions.

04.2. スクリーニング基準が変更された場合に顧客や受益者に通知する方法について説明してください。

The decision to restrict investments in companies associated with the production, use or distribution of anti-personnel landmines or cluster munitions was made by CI Investments in recognition of the prohibitions contained within the United Nations Anti-Personnel Landmines Convention and the United Nations Convention on Cluster Munitions. These exclusions recognize the potentially severe damage that can be caused during and after the use of anti-personnel landmines and/or cluster munitions.

This exclusionary criteria will be reviewed on an annual basis and in alignment with review of CI Investments' Responsible Investment Policy. Furthermore, an updated list of restricted investments is provided to all in-house portfolio management teams and external investment subadvisors every quarter by CI Investments' Compliance Department.

CI Investments does not currently have a formal process for notifying clients and/or beneficiaries when changes to the screening criteria are made. However, clients may obtain information and updates on CI Investments' screening criteria by request.

LEI 05. Processes to ensure screening is based on robust analysis

05.1. スクリーニングが徹底した分析に基づいていることを確実にするために、組織が使用しているプロセスを選択してください。

05.3. 第三者のESG評価がスクリーニング目的で更新される頻度を示してください。

05.5. 補足情報 [任意]

Regarding Indicator LEI 05.1:

CI Investments relies on assessments by Sustainalytics to determine company involvement in activities associated with anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions. Companies assessed to be involved in these activities are hard stops on CI Investments' pre-trade system, Charles River. However, these assessments are not internally audited. In addition, CI Investments' external investment subadvisors are expected to enter in the same restrictions as hard stops on their pre-trade systems.

CI Investments reviews and evaluates external research providers annually. Review and evaluation is primarily related to quality of research as well as the alignment of the research provider's methodology and services with CI's Investments' responsible investment program.


LEI 06. Processes to ensure fund criteria are not breached (Private)