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PRI reporting framework 2020

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PR 01. Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy

01.1. Indicate if your organisation has a Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy.

01.2. Provide a URL or attach the document

01.3. Provide a brief overview of your organisation’s approach to responsible investment in property, and how you link responsible investment in property to your business strategy. [Optional]

LGS is committed to ensuring that responsible management practices are in place to minimise the environmental impact of our properties and that we are making a positive contribution to society. LGS aims to continuously improve our sustainability performance and play a leadership role in the industry.

We endeavour to incorporate environmental and social considerations into all of our operations and investments, including the governance of our property portfolio.

The following principles provide the framework we use to set goals, promote continual improvements and maintain a culture that achieves the sustainability performance to which we aspire for our property portfolio. We strive to:

  • Meet the requirements of environmental and social laws, as well as the policies, charters and other commitments to which we subscribe;
  • Mitigate the effect our properties have on the environment and society by considering the environmental and social consequences of our investment management decisions; 
  • Address climate change risks;
  • Minimise our energy use and carbon emissions and support renewable energy;
  • Utilise sustainable materials and ensure resources are used efficiently;
  • Minimise our waste generation and water usage;
  • Provide healthy and safe workplaces for our employees and tenants;
  • Ensure we conduct our business in a responsible manner and are respected by the community in which we operate;
  • Regularly report the sustainability performance of our properties to tenants, members, local communities, the general public and other stakeholders;
  • Engage our tenants, property and facilities managers, service providers, regulators and other relevant stakeholders to assist developing and implementing our property sustainability program and to seek feedback on our performance;
  • Continually improve the building performance ratings targeting optimal performance;
  • Ensure that our tenants and property and facilities managers have the necessary training, skills, knowledge and resources to meet our sustainability commitment and the requirements of this policy.
  • Ensure that external managers of our direct wholesale fund mandates meet the intent of this document.


  • Be at the very forefront of sustainability and environmentally responsible management.
  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • Average 5.0 stars NABERS Energy rating
  • Average 4.0 stars NABERS Water rating
  • Average 4.0 stars NABERS Waste rating (base building)
  • GBCA 5-star Green Star Performance rating
  • 80% of all tenancies to sign up to 100% GreenPower
  • Carbon Neutral certification (base building) under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Buildings
  • Enhance communication and engagement with all stakeholders including tenants, public and service providers.

Portfolio Highlights

  • Achieved Carbon Neutral status for all NABERS rated buildings, certified by the Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard in May 2019
  • Portfolio Average NABERS Energy rating of 5.1 stars without GreenPower (6 stars with GreenPower)
  • Portfolio Average NABERS Water rating of 3.7 stars
  • Achieved a 4 Star rating for the 2019 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)
  • Achieved a 5 Star GBCA Green Star – Performance Portfolio Certified Rating, which represents ‘Australian Excellence’ in sustainable building operations. Certified in November 2017, valid until June 2020. (renewal underway)
  • 89% of tenants signed up to 100% GreenPower