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Royce & Associates, LP

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Governance and human resources

SG 07. RI roles and responsibilities

07.1. Indicate the internal and/or external roles used by your organisation, and indicate for each whether they have oversight and/or implementation responsibilities for responsible investment.


Select from the below internal roles

          Chief Risk Officer

07.2. For the roles for which you have RI oversight/accountability or implementation responsibilities, indicate how you execute these responsibilities.

As our sustainability and ESG related work is fully integrated into our investment process, we consider sustainability and ESG factors when analysing the investment case for each company. As such, the direct responsibility for analysis resides with individual research analyst or portfolio managers. All stock research is required to consider the material and relevant Governance, Social and Environmental factors that could impact the ability of the company to generate sustainable returns. We view the investment team as having day-to-day responsibility for responsible investment activities.

Integrating ESG analysis is seen as an important component of the investment process that we are delivering to our clients. We have a dedicated senior research analyst allocated to this work - Andrew Palen. Embedded in the investment team, Andrew champions the ESG integration process by providing thoughtful research and remaining informed and updated on trends in RI. Additionally, our Chief Risk Officer, Gunjan Banati, also provides oversight on the consideration of ESG related risk factors for each portfolio as part of the investment risk management program.

07.3. Indicate the number of dedicated responsible investment staff your organisation has.

1 Number

07.4. Additional information. [Optional]

2 individuals devote 50% of their time to RI activities.

SG 07 CC. Climate-issues roles and responsibilities (Private)

SG 08. RI in performance management, reward and/or personal development (Private)