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Xeraya Capital

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PE 01. Description of approach to RI (Private)

PE 02. Investment guidelines and RI

02.1. Indicate whether your organisation’s investment activities are guided by a responsible investment policy / follow responsible investment guidelines.

02.2. Describe how your organisation outlines expectations on staff and portfolio companies’ approach towards ESG issues in investment activities.

Xeraya acknowledges the importance of investor stewardship. It is in the best interest of our partners that we monitor the companies in which we invest, that we vote on the shares that we hold, and that we engage with companies on issues like strategy, risk and corporate governance.

When an investment is identified as falling short of Xeraya’s deemed Responsible Investment standards within the ambit of the ESG considerations, our view is that the investment itself may develop either an increased risk exposure or will fall short from Xeraya’s purpose, objective and goals. Xeraya shall then seek to enter into dialogue with the investee company’s management. During this engagement process, we share our concerns or the ESG risks that we identified for the company and make suggestions for improvement. By sharing ESG objectives, policies and practices with the portfolio company and seeking their formal commitment by incorporating ESG issues into the deal documents to support the development of a corrective action plan, after which, we closely follow the progress made by the company.