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Nuveen, a TIAA Company

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PR 01. Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy

01.1. Indicate if your organisation has a Responsible Property Investment (RPI) policy.

01.3. Provide a brief overview of your organisation’s approach to responsible investment in property, and how you link responsible investment in property to your business strategy. [Optional]

Nuveen Real Estate's mission statement is: "Investing in Tomorrow's World, for the enduring benefit of our clients and society." Central to our fiduciary duty is the need to identify and manage the issues that are expected to impact on the performance of our clients' investments and ESG issues are a critical part of this. Nuveen Real Estate's Tomorrow's World strategy enables it to manage ESG risks and opportunities throughout the investment process.

Nuveen Real Estate's 'Tomorrow's World' philosophy is anchored around four pillars:

1. Preparing for Tomorrow's World… which is constantly changing, by ensuring that our business, the assets we manage and our people, are ready for the heightened ESG pressures, growing responsibilities and new opportunities in the markets of tomorrow, so that Nuveen Real Estate consistently outperforms through the cycles.

2. Investing in Tomorrow's World… by actively considering the impact of ESG megatrends such as Climate Change on the assets of today and tomorrow, with investment strategies focused on opportunities to safeguard and enhance value for our clients.

3. Helping to create Tomorrow's World… which supports thriving communities with net-zero buildings, businesses and ecosystems by creating outstanding places for people in the communities of tomorrow, where community-wide prosperity is unlocked and environmental systems are restored.

4. Ready to be part of Tomorrow's World… in which we are an active and positive corporate citizen, engaged and influential in the business of tomorrow.

Nuveen Real Estate manages a number of Fund’s which have 5 star ratings in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. It also achieved the EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year Award and US DOE Green Lease Leaders recognition.


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