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Galliard Capital Management, Inc.

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Listed Equity and Fixed Income Strategies

SAM 01. ESG incorporation strategies

01.1. Indicate which of the following ESG incorporation strategies you require your external manager(s) to implement on your behalf for all your listed equity and/or fixed income assets:

Active investment strategies

Active investment strategies

FI - Corporate (financial)
FI - Corporate (non-financial)
FI - Securitised


None of the above

01.2. Additional information. [Optional]

We do not require our external managers to implement ESG on behalf of all of our fixed income assets.  We do however review our managers public Transparency reports.  We request the full report and the Assessment report for managers that are willing to share the full reports.  Additionally, we requested additional details from all of our managers through an RFI process.  Over 80% of our externally managed assets are managed by UN PRI signatories.