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Global Evolution

PRI reporting framework 2020

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(B) Implementation: Thematic

FI 07. Thematic investing - overview

07.1. Indicate what proportion of your thematic investments are (totalling up to 100%):

100 %

07.2. Describe your organisation’s approach to thematic fixed income investing

The purpose of this Sustainability thematic aproach is to state our philosophy, vision, mission, approach, framework, engagement, principles supported, process of investing, and to articulate to stakeholders our pledge that we will diligently and analytically to the best of our ability integrate sustainability in investment decisions.

Sustainability is a cornerstone in our investment philosophy[1]. The ambitions for sustainable development and assessments non-financial risk of emerging markets is essential to address when investing in their sovereign and corporate securities. Holistically, there is a dual perspective from an investment perspective for addressing sustainability-issues which is oriented towards both ethical considerations as well we business-related issues:

First, the ethical dimension is at the core of our corporate philosophy. In partnership with our clients and stakeholders, we are committed to leaving a legacy of impact investing, which assists countries in lifting them out of poverty on paths to sustained development. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of development help shape the development of societies, and we favor engagement rather than isolation of countries. We believe that a sustainable development of E, S, and G areas will help reach the sustainable development goals (SDGs) with the ambition of eradicating poverty with sustainable use of nature’s resources.


Second, the business-related issues for considering sustainability in an investment context is due to the link between sustainability and creditworthiness of countries and companies. Our research has found strong statistical evidence that there is a historical correlation between indicators of sustainability and the prices of what we invest in. Consequently, ethical motives aside, there is a strong business case for integrating ESG and SDG dynamics in investment decisions.

These dual objectives are integrated under the umbrella of the following nine pillars:

Philosophy        Our philosophy and corporate values as a company rely on supporting progress towards sustainable growth and development in the countries in which we invest. In practice, this is accomplished by directly integrating sustainability into our investment decisions.

Vision                 Our vision is a world free of poverty driven by institutions, countries and companies.

Mission              Our mission is to promote sustainable development in emerging market countries and companies around the world through our investments

Approach          Our approach is to integrate sustainability indicators directly into our valuation assessments that directly and systematically inform investment decision-making

Framework       Our proprietary approach leans on a unified framework articulated by the United Nation with the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Engagement     Our engagement with governments and companies is conducted directly and indirectly and is an important avenue to influence decision-making at the issuer level to promote sustainable development. 

Support              Our support goes to a variety of initiatives and principles to promote such as the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, the UN Global Compact and similar initiatives with the purpose of standing by the thought-leadership that such initiatives represent.

Process               Our Sustainability Process lays out the technical details of this Sustainability Policy[2] by describing in detail the definitions and indicators among other relevant process-oriented items.

Pledge                Our pledge to our clients, colleagues, community, society, and the world is to diligently and analytically and with passion to direct our assets under management in a direction that supports and promotes sustainable development to the best of our ability.

These nine pillars are the cornerstones of our Sustainability Policy for our company.


[1] This Sustainability Policy was first formulated in 2012 in the form of an ESG Policy. This version is an updated version that integrates the sustainable development goals.

[2] Our Sustainability Process is available as a separate and supporting document to this Sustainability Policy

07.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

FI 08. Thematic investing - themed bond processes

08.1. Indicate whether you encourage transparency and disclosure relating to the issuance of themed bonds as per the Green Bonds Principles, Social Bond Principles, or Sustainability Bond Guidelines..

          we endorse transparency by issuers at all times

08.2. Describe the actions you take when issuers do not disburse bond proceeds as described in the offering documents.

our direct and indiract engagement arew the actions tio this end: 

Impact Investing Symposium:  In November 2017, Global Evolution hosted an Impact Investing symposium in our US office at One World Trade Center. The symposium was titled “Emerging Market Sovereign Debt Investing: The Future of Development Finance,” and included speakers and panelists from the UN-PRI, the IMF, and the World Bank, as well as, importantly, the Central Bank governor for eight emerging market economies—one ingredient of our direct engagement with policy makers in the countries in which we invest. We hosted over 35 participants representing a range of organizations in the financial industry.


World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings:  In April 2017, four members of the investment team attended the spring meetings of the World Bank/IMF in Washington, DC. This is partly related to our “indirect engagement” with policy makers in the countries in which we invest.


ESG dissemination and conference participation: Ole Jorgensen, Research Director, speaks at a number of conferences regarding integrating ESG into the investment process. Notably, in September 2017, Ole spoke on a panel about ESG in Credit Ratings at the UNPRI “In Person” Conference in Berlin, Germany.

08.3. Additional information. [Optional]

FI 09. Thematic investing - assessing impact

09.1. Indicate how you assess the environmental or social impact of your thematic investments.

09.2. Additional information. [Optional]