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SBI Funds Management Private Limited

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 09. Collaborative organisations / initiatives

09.1. 報告年度に組織がメンバーであったり、参加していた協働組織やイニシアチブ、ならびにそこで組織が果たした役割のレベルを選択してください。




- Actively monitored UNPRI's various initiatives

- Signed UNPRI’s Investor Commitment to Support a Just Transition on Climate Change 

- Signed Investor Expectation Statement on Climate Change for Aerospace and Airline Industry 

- Signed UN PRI’s Global Investor Statement on Deforestation and Forest Fires in the Amazon 



- Lead Investor in 3 out of 5 Indian companies under Climate Action 100+, co-lead investor in one company

- Very active engagement with companies, CA100+ representatives from UNPRI, and other investors who are part of engagements with companies

- Prepared reports and best practice documents to support companies' climate mitigation initiatives

- Conducted site specific analysis for renewable energy potential for one company and reported it to the company

          FICCI UK-India Green Finance Initiative



Actively participated in development of Paper on UK-India Green Finance Initiative

Leading the Working Group on Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

Attending meetings, providing inputs and creating outreach about the initiative

Developing Sustainable Finance Taxonomy for India along with representatives from Climate Bonds Initiative and City of London

          Member of the CIILab



  • Attended meetings of CIILab to understand Integrated Reporting 
  • Contributed to knowledge creation around Integrated Reporting on various forums
  • Became the first unlisted AMC to publish its own IR voluntarily


SG 09.2. Assets managed by PRI signatories (Not Applicable)

SG 10. Promoting RI independently

10.1. 組織が、協働的イニシアチブとは別に、独自に責任投資を推進しているかどうかについて記載して下さい。

10.2. 組織が協働的イニシアチブとは別に、独自に責任投資を推進するために行っているものを明示して下さい。選択した行動の目的に貢献するために組織が果たす役割と通常の行動頻度について説明して下さい。


          SBIFMPL speaks on various forums to disseminate knowledge on how we have integrated ESG within our investment culture. We also provide support to various peers who interact with us in one-on-one sessions to understand our strategy of ESG integration. SBIFMPL has also worked with domestic service providers to train them and develop their capability of assessing the companies on their ESG performance. Since international service/ratings providers work on a disclosure-based model and many Indian companies do not publish ESG based data, we are dedicatedly working on creating an ecosystem where companies are encouraged to disclose more information and where investors and regulators create demand for such data and assessments.



          Contributed to the Eminent Persons Opinion Survey for CCGC Review on Good Corporate Governance
Disseminated ESG and Responsible Investment based knowledge at TERI-NISM ESG Conference



          Regular meetings and information exchange with other institutional investors on ESG integration
Contributed to Yes Bank’s ESG India Report 
CIO conducted webinar for HDFC securities to explain about ESG and ESG funds



          CIO speaks on responsible investments and ESG integration on various national/international forums



          CIO's articles on ESG and Responsible investment are covered regularly by Indian Media.


10.3. 組織が責任投資の推進のために、報告年度中に参加した追加の活動およびイニシアチブがあれば、それらを記載して下さい。[任意]

IMPORTANT NOTE: For all sections except Organisation Overview, we are reporting numbers from March 2019 - March 2020. 

SG 11. Dialogue with public policy makers or standard setters

11.1. 報告年度において、責任投資を支援するために、組織が単独で、あるいは他組織との協働により、政策立案者や規制当局との対話を行ったかどうかを記載してください。


11.2. 使用した方法を選択してください。

11.3. (単独でまたは協働により)政府または規制当局に書面を提出した場合、その書面が一般に入手できるかどうかを記載してください。

11.4. 組織が公共政策立案者または規制当局と話し合いを行った主なテーマの概略を記載して下さい。

We have engaged with the following organisation on policy discussions around ESG issues. While these are not regulators per se, they advise regulators on various policy frameworks:

  • Contributed as a Member of the India focus group on Integrated Reporting called the Lab India. This was hosted by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
  • Contributed as a Member of Roundtable with National Institute for Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) on Just Transition on Climate Change
  • Contributed as a Member of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) to help develop an ecosystem of Sustainable Finance within the country and to progress UK-India relations in this space.