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PRI reporting framework 2020

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Fundraising of private equity funds

PE 03. Fund placement documents and RI

03.1. Indicate if your most recent fund placement documents (private placement memorandums (PPM) or similar) refer to responsible investment.

03.2. Indicate how your most recent fund placement documents (PPM or similar) refer to the following responsible investment:

03.3. Describe how your organisation refers to responsible investment in fund placement documents (PPMs or similar). [Optional]

In 2014 the Fund PPM included specific reference to ESG as a core component of managing risk and in the delivery of responsible businesses. Clear embedded responsibilities as they are codified in the IFC Performance Standards (Sustainability Framework 2012) are part of the PPM and all subsequent transactions (entry and exits).  Further information is available upon request. 

PE 04. Formal commitments to RI

04.1. Indicate whether your organisation made formal commitments to responsible investment in the, Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) of your most recent fund(s), or through side letters when requested by investors.

If yes

04.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Committments on the systems, process and personnel (SEMS, Responsible Investment Code, ESG Committee, Reporting on ESG) to be deployed by the fund were made in 2014 and have been met throughout the fund's operation. As a largely DFI invested fund manager, responsible investment has been a significant part of our mandate.