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PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 18. Innovative features of approach to RI

18.1. 責任投資へのアプローチの特徴が特に革新的であるかどうかについて説明してください。

18.2. 特に革新的だと思う責任投資へのアプローチの特徴について説明してください。

We have several activities we believe are innovative:

- In 2019 ACTIAM has launched the first interactive online ESG dashboard for its clients and internal staff. The dashboard contains customized information on the sustainable and financial performance of clients’ investments. In this way, clients gain integrated insights in amongst others the ESG risks, carbon footprint, water footprint, green bonds and SDG contributions associated with their investments. In this way, the dashboard allows for further integration of sustainable and financial performance in investment strategies and decisions. See:

- ACTIAM launched the Global Impact Equity Fund, which aims to create both financial and societal value. What makes this fund unique, is that it invests in companies that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and (have high potential to) operate within the planetary boundaries as specified by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. That is, it is the first fund that does not allow for trade-offs but selects companies based on their positive contribution to the SDGs, while preventing negative impacts to the environment. On top of that, the portfolio is constructed by selecting the financially most attractive companies within the universe, whilst taking into account their ESG score, carbon and water footprint. It is ACTIAM’s belief that investing in this group of companies will lead to above average financial returns in the long term, as they are better prepared for the transition that is needed for a sustainable economy.  See:

- ACTIAM is working in partnership with Satelligence, a geodata analytics firm. By combining satellite images and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Satelligence provides ACTIAM with up-to-date information on worldwide deforestation, causes and trends. ACTIAM will use the information for three purposes. Firstly, ACTIAM uses Satelligence as an alternative data source for screening our universe on financial material ESG risks; deforestation is such a risk. Secondly, ACTIAM uses the information in engagement conversations with companies. For example, to set deforestation targets with actors in the palm oil sector. To track progress on these targets, ACTIAM uses Satelligence as an independent data source to show whether deforestation is really being prevented. Using the deforestation warning systems of Satelligence, ACTIAM is able to monitor the targets agreed upon and help companies move in the right direction. Lastly, ACTIAM plans to communicate on the results to create awareness on the topic of deforestation and the associated risks among clients and other stakeholders. See:


- ACTIAM has introduced an innovative approach to its Sustainability Policy. Unique about ACTIAM's sustainability policy is that it gives a holistic view on how companies can prosper while operating within the planetary boundaries and respecting the social foundations of society. The policy has a forward-looking view on the role of investors to guide this transition. It calls on companies to prepare themselves for the transitions that are expected, with the potential financial consequences they may generate. For instance, it stimulates companies to become climate neutral, end deforestation, pay a decent wage and not engage in bribery. Based on international agreements and science-based targets and transition pathways, ACTIAM has set measurable targets to keep track of the transition of its investees.

Rather than merely excluding companies based on normative principles, for all its funds, ACTIAM considers whether companies have the capacity to operate sustainably. Companies that exhibit unacceptable behaviour are excluded from investments. These companies do not comply with the ACTIAM Fundamental Investment Principles related to, for instance, human and labour rights, business integrity and pollution. In addition, ACTIAM evaluates how companies manage their financially material sustainability transition risks and opportunities. Those that manage these risks well, qualify for the ACTIAM sustainable investment solutions. In addition, companies that are far removed from the required transition pathway and that lack the capacity to properly manage their material sustainability risks, are considered non-adaptive, causing risks to our investments, and therefore excluded from investment. Finally, those that are not on the required pathway but have the capacity to improve their management, are stimulated to speed up transition through ACTIAM’s active ownership activities on voting and engagement.

Through this policy, ACTIAM contributes to paving the pathway towards a sustainable society while creating added value to its clients. See: