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Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Asset class implementation not reported in other modules

SG 16. ESG issues for internally managed assets not reported in framework (Not Applicable)

SG 17. ESG issues for externally managed assets not reported in framework

17.1. Describe how you address ESG issues for externally managed assets for which a specific PRI asset class module has yet to be developed or for which you are not required to report because your assets are below the minimum threshold.

Asset Class

Describe what processes are in place and the outputs or outcomes achieved

Hedge funds - DDQ

Select whether you use the PRI Hedge Fund DDQ

Hedge funds

Elo Pension has internal principles for responsible investment. Pursuant to these internal principles, environmental, social and governance (”ESG”) issues are integrated into investment process (incl. analysis, decision-making and risk management) alongside with traditional economic considerations.

Elo's own proprietary Hedge Fund Manager DDQ addresses among others the following points:

Please advise does the Fund (or the Sub-Fund) or the Manager thereof have a documented policy outlining its approach to responsible investment / ESG issues, or another formalised and consistent approach for integrating ESG factors into the Fund´s investment research and analysis, decision-making and risk management? If yes, what it entails and what is the status of its implementation? Also, please send us a copy of such policy or other document.

Please describe your engagement policy?  Please send us a copy of such policy or other document. Do you disclose engagement activities publicly in your web-site or directly to your investors? If not, why?

Are you reporting on ESG-related risks / opportunities to investors in the Fund? If not, why?

Is the manager / investment manager signatory of the UN PRI or have you adopted other ESG-related standards or codes? If not, why?

Policies regarding Climate change, controversial weapons and Global Compact-violations.



Forestry and agricultural land are direct or indirect investments. Our aim is that >50% of infra and real asset investments have a positive impact to environment or society by 2025 and thus they would be aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We calculate our forest investments carbon sink which is the positive impact to environment.

17.2. Additional information.