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Alphinity Investment Management Limited

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 13. ESG issues in strategic asset allocation

13.1. 貴社組織がシナリオ分析および/またはモデリングを実施するか記述してください。実施する場合、 シナリオ分析について説明してください(資産クラス別、セクター別、戦略的資産配分等)。

13.3. 補足情報 [任意]

all our activities are around bottom-up stock selection, not asset allocation. ESG and Climate factors are assessed on a company-by-company basis.

As TCFD becomes more reported on by companies the usefulness of that information will improve and we will be better placed to conduct scenario anaylsis

SG 13 CC.

SG 14. Long term investment risks and opportunity

14.1. 一部の投資リスクと機会は長期トレンドの結果として発生します。貴社では、以下のどの項目について考慮するか明示してください。


          Sustainable Develepment

14.2. 気候に関するリスクと機会に対応して組織で実施されている活動を選択してください。

14.3. 次のツールの中から気候関連リスクと機会の管理に組織が用いているものを選択してください。

14.4. 排出量リスクの開示を選択した場合、採用している開示方法またはそのフレームワークの中で気候関連のものを挙げてください。

We presently use MSCI carbon data  There are still relatively few Australian companies that report according to TCFD standards so much of the data is estimated. There are serious shortcomings in calculating this data as the emissions of so many companies is estimated. However our assessment of portfolio emissions intensity generally comes out materially lower than the benchmark for all portfolios.

14.5. 補足情報 [任意]

We calculate carbon emisisons intensity and footprint of our portfolios however as the input data is so questionable we put lots of caveats over the output. 

Much work still needs to be done to get consistent and comparable data

SG 14 CC.

14.6 CC. 気候に関連するリスクと機会を評価するために使用されるこれらの重要な指標についての詳細を記入してください。

          Allow investors to see an estimate of the emissions intensity of the fund they are invested in
          tonnes of scope 1 and 2 CO2 equivalent emitted per $US million of revenue
          divide disclosed/estimated emissions of company (sourced from MSCI) into $US revenue of company
          Allow investors to see an estimate of the footprint of the portfolio and thus their own proportionate contribution
          tonnes emitted per $million invested
          total company emissions divided by portfolio's share of the company, summed across all companies and divided into the size of the portfolio, then divided into million-dollar shares
          a subset of the portfolio carbon footprint above
          see above in WACI

14.8 CC. 気候関連のリスクが全体のリスク管理に組み込まれているかどうか記述してください。また、気候関連リスクを特定、評価、管理するために利用されたリスク管理プロセスについて説明してください。


At present, carbon calcualatinos are for information only. We do not put targets in place for number of reasons, including the inaccuracy of estimates provided and the perverse impact of currency movements on the final metrics

14.9 CC. 貴社組織がTCFD採用を促すアクティブオーナーシップ活動を行うか記述してください。


Yes - we encourage all companies to report under TCFD guidelines so that there will eventually be consistent and reliable numbers from which to make meaningful conclusions

SG 15. Allocation of assets to environmental and social themed areas

15.1. 貴社にて、特定の環境および社会をテーマとする分野に基づいてファンドに資産を配分したり、ファンドを運用しているかどうかについて明示してください。

15.2. 環境および社会をテーマとする分野に投資された合計運用資産(AUM)の割合を明示してください。

4 %

15.3. 貴社が投資しているテーマ分野を明示のうえ、AUMに対する特定の資産クラスの割合を記載し、その内容を簡潔に説明してください。



5 % (AUMの)


Encouraging the replacement of energy generation via coal with gas as a stepping stone towards renewable energy. One of the challenges is that there are few companies of sufficient scale in our domestic universe that are purely renewable, and some of the major players in renewables also operate coal-fired plants. 


5 % (AUMの)


The Fund has a position in a company that owns solar power generation in Australia and the USA, also in an energy infrastructure company thta has significant solar assets and is developing a technology for transporting hydrogen through gas pipelines which


10 % (AUMの)


Two AREITs which have improved green star ratings on buildings through energy efficiency efforts (in brownfields) and design (in greenfields), including installing mass solar collectors on industrial buildings.


5 % (AUMの)


Listed conmpany which, among other things, dedicates a proportion of apartments developed to social housing groups and first home-buyers;

Listed company that specalises in affordable housing communities for retired people


5 % (AUMの)


English language testing company which teaches and assesses language skills and matches students with university places in various parts of the world 


25 % (AUMの)


Three health care companies involved in

a) prevention of cancer (HPV),producing vaccines, blood fractionation and treatment of haemophilia,

b) production of humidifiers for ventilators

c) production of CPAP machines for treatment of  sleep apnea.

Also invested in a Hospital operator and a health insurance provider


1 % (AUMの)


Company that produces small-scale distributed water treatment and desalination plants for use in third world countries

15.4. 含めたい補足情報があれば、添付してください。 [任意]