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Westfield Capital Management

PRI reporting framework 2020

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(C) Implementation: Integration of ESG factors

LEI 08. Review ESG issues while researching companies/sectors

08.1. Indicate the proportion of actively managed listed equity portfolios where E, S and G factors are systematically researched as part of your investment analysis.

ESG issues

Proportion impacted by analysis




Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

08.2. Additional information. [Optional]

Westfield’s review of ESG issues in the investment research process is focused on the materiality and relevancy of these ESG issues to each sector and specific company, and how they may affect valuation, risk and the confidence of the investment thesis. We rely upon the deep industry expertise of our sector-focused analysts, coupled with the ESG focus of the Director of ESG Research, to identify and evaluate material ESG issues during our fundamental analysis. Relevant and material ESG issues are identified through management dialogue, the collection and analysis of third party ESG data, and frameworks such as SASB’s (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Materiality Maps. A focus on quality management has always been core to Westfield’s investment process and we put particular emphasis on the systematic review and understanding of all material corporate governance concerns.

LEI 09. Processes to ensure integration is based on robust analysis

09.1. Indicate which processes your organisation uses to ensure ESG integration is based on robust analysis.

09.2. Indicate the proportion of your actively managed listed equity portfolio that is subject to comprehensive ESG research as part your integration strategy.

09.5. Describe how ESG information is held and used by your portfolio managers.

09.6. Additional information. [Optional]

LEI 10. Aspects of analysis ESG information is integrated into (Private)