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PRI reporting framework 2020

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OO Checks. Requirement Validation Checks

Once you have finished all previous questions in this module, this page will show the results of validation checks for any conflicting responses, or present messages where we need your confirmation.
Confirmation required:
You reported in OO 04.4 that the AUM subject to an execution or advisory approach (e.g. consulting on but not making investment decisions) is larger than your assets under management reported in OO 04.2. You may wish to reach out to to discuss whether your organisation should sign up your execution and advisory services as a separate PRI signatory entity in order to report in these services.


Confirmation required:
You classified a significant percentage of your AUM in OO 05 as "other". Please read the definitions for the asset classes available in the explanatory notes for OO 05 (tab above the indicator in the tool, also available in the offline document). 
For example, If your asset class is multi-strategy, split that class in the asset classes provided. Private debt, mortgages, credit and loans should be classified in the relevant fixed income asset class.
Using the available asset classes ensures that you see and can complete the relevant asset class modules. This will lead to a more insightful assessment report and peer comparison. It also ensures you are correctly identified by consultants and asset owners alike. Note that the breakdown in OO 05 is only for the AUM reported in OO 04.2.