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PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 07. RI roles and responsibilities

07.1. 組織が採用している内部または外部の役割、ならびにそれぞれの責任投資に対する監督責任および実施責任の有無について明示してください。



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07.2. RIの監督/説明責任または実施責任を担う役職について、このような責任をどのように果たすのか記載してください。

Foresight Group’s Sustainability and ESG Committee reports to the Group’s Executive Committee and has the responsibility for shaping and steering the Group’s approach to sustainability and ESG. The Executive Committee is the senior leadership committee for Foresight Group, and is comprised of the Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, Group Finance Director, Head of Infrastructure and Head of Private Equity. An important part of its remit is to develop and review the Group’s sustainability vision and strategy, also referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) as well as ensuring that the sustainability and ESG considerations and frameworks, that are incorporated into our investment processes and asset management activities, are appropriate and market-leading. The investment team closely monitors the market environment and any rules or regulatory changes. These are communicated back to the Committee members who then ensure that the Group's activities are updated to reflect such changes. The Committee also pursues initiatives to promote Foresight Group's Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") activities, and is responsible for setting, reviewing and monitoring corporate objectives and measures to ascertain performance against prioritised CSR measures. The Sustainability and ESG Committee meets monthly or on an ad hoc basis as required and has representatives from across Foresight’s investment activities as well Investor Relations, Human Resources, Governance, Marketing and Administration.

When appointing and monitoring external service providers for its infrastructure investments, Foresight ensures that there is a comprehensive set of policies and procedures written into contracts, related to ESG compliance. Foresight's investment team and/or portfolio managers conduct regular site visits to ensure full compliance.

Foresight holds a Non-executive Directorship position on almost all portfolio company boards and strongly influences, supports and, where necessary, challenges management to ensure ESG values are maintained and improved. In addition to this, Foresight typically appoints an experienced Non-executive Chairperson to most portfolio companies. They often help to introduce or improve the appropriate standards of (or enhance existing) governance policies and procedures, and support industry best practice.

07.3. 組織にいる専任の責任投資担当者の人数を記載してください。


07.4. 補足情報 [任意]

Foresight's Investment Teams and Portfolio Teams continuously monitor ESG issues and evaluate the various risks and opportunities arising across the Funds. However, there are 12 individuals with overall responsibility to oversee and ensure appropriate implementation of ESG and sustainability practices across business and portfolio

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