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PRI reporting framework 2020

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OO LE 01. Breakdown of listed equity investments by passive and active strategies (Not Applicable)

OO LE 02. Reporting on strategies that are <10% of actively managed listed equities (Not Applicable)

OO FI 01. Breakdown of fixed income investments by passive and active strategies

FI 01.1. 組織内で運用されている債券の内訳をアクティブ戦略とパッシブ戦略で分けてください。

Corporate (non-financial)
0 パッシブ
0 アクティブ—数量的(クオンツ)
100 アクティブ—ファンダメンタルおよび・もしくはその他のアクティブ戦略
Total 100%

FI 01.2. 補足情報 [任意]

OO FI 02. Reporting on strategies that are <10% of actively managed fixed income (Not Applicable)

OO FI 03. Fixed income breakdown by market and credit quality

この指標は、「報告義務、自主開示」から「必須」に変更されました。 この指標に対する貴組織の回答は、透明性レポートに掲載されます。 この「必須」への変更により、より良い分析とピアリングが可能になります。

FI 03.3. 補足情報 [任意]

Our internally managed fixed income is managed through Nexxus Mezzanine Fund, a multi-industry, diversified fund that can offer strategic financing solutions to mid-sized companies in Mexico. Nexxus Mezzanine Fund looks to provide tailored-made structures, to support their growth and temporary liquidity needs that enable midsized companies to transition into a professionalised business model. The fund seeks to provide financing solutions to a diversified portfolio of either high-growth companies or companies with transitory liquidity needs (expansions, recaps, ownership consolidations, last mile, etc.) of different sectors such as specialized consumption, logistics, real estate, financial, education, tourism and healthcare, among others.


OO SAM 01. Breakdown of externally managed investments by passive and active strategies (Not Applicable)

OO PE 01. Breakdown of private equity investments by strategy

PE 01.1. 組織内で運用されるプライベートエクイティの内訳を投資戦略別に記載してください。




PE 01.2. 補足情報 [任意]

OO PE 02. Typical level of ownership in private equity investments

PE 02.1. プライベートエクイティ投資において組織が通常保有する所有権の割合を記載してください。

PE 02.2. 補足情報 [任意]

Nexxus seeks to hold a significant minority stake with certain corporate rights that allow them to execute strategic decisions in the portfolio companies. It may also hold majority investments in Nexxus Iberia's fund.

OO PR 01. Breakdown of property investments (Not Applicable)

OO PR 02. Breakdown of property assets by management (Not Applicable)

OO PR 03. Largest property types (Not Applicable)

OO INF 01. Breakdown of infrastructure investments (Not Applicable)

OO INF 02. Breakdown of infrastructure assets by management (Not Applicable)

OO INF 03. Largest infrastructure sectors (Not Applicable)

OO HF 01. Breakdown of hedge funds investments by strategies (Not Applicable)