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PRI reporting framework 2020

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SAM 04. Appointment processes (listed equity/fixed income)

04.1. Indicate if in the majority of cases and where the structure of the product allows, your organisation does any of the following as part of the manager appointment and/or commitment process

04.2. Provide an example per asset class of your benchmarks, objectives, incentives/controls and reporting requirements that would typically be included in your managers’ appointment.

Asset class


ESG Objectives

          Two of the underlying categories on the ESG scorecard are exposure to ESG risk factors and Access to information from underlying Portfolio Companies. These categories allow us to assess how the ESG strategy of the manager is implemented.
          Storerand specifies that our Storebrand standard for exclusions applies also to Private Equity indirect Investments. We maintain the right to abstain from certain Companies if they are in breach of our standard.
          Implementation of ESG criteria in the Investment process is one of the under categories on the ESG scorecard
          Storebrand expects Investment managers to provide information on and engage with Companies seen to be in breach of our standards and maintain the right to engage ourselves directly.
          Membership of Global Compact and PRI is assessed as one of the underlying categiories on the ESG scorecard.
          Investment managers are expected to demonstrate how they work on continually improving Portfolio Companies ESG performance.
          Investment managers are expected to provide an Investment philosophy or ethical standard as one of the underlying categories in the ESG scorecard.

Incentives and controls

Reporting requirements

04.3. Indicate which of these actions your organisation might take if any of the requirements are not met

04.4. Provide additional information relevant to your organisation`s appointment processes of external managers. [OPTIONAL]