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Storebrand ASA

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Property monitoring and management

PR 09. Proportion of assets with ESG targets that were set and monitored

09.1. Indicate the proportion of property assets for which your organisation, and/or property managers, set and monitored ESG targets (KPIs or similar) during the reporting year.

(in terms of number of property assets)

09.2. Indicate which ESG targets your organisation and/or property managers typically set and monitor

Progress Achieved
          GRESB rating
          Proportion of BREEAM certfied properties
          Environmental footprint: Energy and water consumption, GHG emissions, waste production and recycling rate
          Increase from 76 in 2018 to 82 in 2019 in average GRESB score across all four reporting entities (value-weighted average)
          Increase from 30% in 2018 to 41 % in 2019 across all portfolios
          From 2018 to '19: Energy -2 %, Water +17%, GHG -8%, Tot waste production (Norway only) -11%, recycling rate from 75 to 72% = increased energy recovery
Progress Achieved
          Zero Serious Health, Environment and Safety incidents in operation and development
          Tenant satisfaction - above 80 % average satisfaction
          Employer satisfaction - among the best of departments in Storebrand
          zero maintained 2019
          Achieved 2019
          Frequent measurements (6 - 10 per year) - well above average, but not top three.
Progress Achieved
          Zero incidents of bribery and corruption within in our operational control
          zero maintained 2019

09.3. Additional information. [Optional]

The logistics part of the portfolio holds barehouse lease contracts, and are outside of investor's operational control. Thus influence on ESG targets and development is limited. However we have newly succeded in getting agreements with these tenants for us to monitor energy, water and waste indicators, which increases our possibilities of bringing up ESG strategy and improvement targets. Tenant engagement initiatives on ESG were taken in this segment in 2019.

PR 10. Certification schemes, ratings and benchmarks (Private)