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PRI reporting framework 2020

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(A) Implementation: Screening

FI 04. Types of screening applied

04.1. Indicate the type of screening you conduct.

Select all that apply
Corporate (financial)
Corporate (non-financial)
Negative/exclusionary screening
Positive/best-in-class screening
Norms-based screening

04.2. Describe your approach to screening for internally managed active fixed income

·       For all corporate and government funds we use exclusion (of controversial weapons, tobacco, agro crops and livestock, countries with controversial regimes) and for all corporate funds norms based screening (exclusion of UN Global Compact worst offenders)

·       For our sustainable funds we exclude moreover all weapons, gambling, fur and speciality leather, adult entertainment, fossil fuels, more UN Global Compact offenders, more companies with activities in countries with controversial regimes.

·       BIC company screening (best 40% based on >100 indicators) and BIC countries screening (best 50% based on 15 indicators) of Developed markets, best 25% based on 14 indicators of Emerging markets)


04.3. Additional information. [Optional]

FI 05. Examples of ESG factors in screening process (Private)

FI 06. Screening - ensuring criteria are met

06.1. Indicate which systems your organisation has to ensure that fund screening criteria are not breached in fixed income investments.

Type of screening
Negative/exclusionary screening
Positive/best-in-class screening
Norms-based screening

06.2. Additional information. [Optional]