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Generation Investment Management LLP

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PE 03. Fund placement documents and RI

03.1. 最新のファンド募集要項(PPMまたは同様の文書)において、責任投資に触れているかを示してください。

03.2. 最新のファンド募集要項(PPMまたは同様の文書)において、次の責任投資にどのように触れているかを示してください。

03.3. ファンド募集要項(PPMまたは同様の文書)において、組織がプライベートエクイティの責任投資にどのように触れているかを説明してください。 [任意]

Highlights from the PPM and accompanying ESG Questionnaire for our most recent Growth Equity fund include:

Policy & commitment

The mission of Generation is to deliver superior investment performance by taking a long-term view and integrating sustainability research within a rigorous framework of traditional financial analysis. Generation's investment approach is based on the idea that sustainability factors - economic, environmental, social and governance criteria - will drive a company's long-term returns. We seek to deliver attractive investment returns by integrating sustainability research with traditional financial analysis.


The Fund's investment strategy will focus on private growth stage opportunities with broad sustainable solution themes. The Fund will invest across sectors including transportation, agriculture, energy, industrials and consumer.  Elements of the investment process, described in the PPM, for integrating sustainability factors include Roadmaps and Solutions Summits (that support sourcing of investment opportunities), consideration of sustainability factors in the evaluation of "Business Quality and Management Quality", a judgment on whether a company meets our Sustainability Threshold, and consideration by the Investment Committee whether a potential investment qualifies as a providing a sustainable solution.


We select what we believe are the key performance indicators, or KPIs, for each portfolio company. We engage deeply with portfolio companies on the select four to five areas that most align with business and management success. Where possible, we help the company take that next step on measurement and reporting, and support it to embed the most helpful metrics into its business management and practices.


The data room for the most recent Growth Equity fund includes examples of impact reports for previous funds

PE 04. Formal commitments to RI

04.1. 直近のファンドのリミテッドパートナーシップ契約(LPA)において、または、投資家から求められた際に補足文書を通して、組織が責任投資を正式に確約したかについて示してください。


04.2. 補足情報 [任意]

This is inherent within the objectives of the strategy and form a key part of clients' decisions to invest in it.