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PRI reporting framework 2020

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Outputs and outcomes

LEA 09. Number of companies engaged with, intensity of engagement and effort

Indicate the proportion of companies in your listed equities portfolio with which your organisation engaged during the reporting year. We did not complete any engagements in the reporting year.
We did not complete any engagements in the reporting year.

Number of companies engaged

(avoid double counting, see explanatory notes)

Proportion of companies engaged with, out of total listed equities portfolio

Collaborative engagements

Service-provider engagements

09.2. Indicate the breakdown of engagements conducted within the reporting year by the number of interactions (including interactions made on your behalf).

No. of interactions with a company
% of engagements
One interaction
2 to 3 interactions
More than 3 interactions

09.3. Indicate the percentage of your collaborative engagements in which you were the leading organisation during the reporting year.

Type of engagement

% leading role
  Collaborative engagements

09.4. Indicate the percentage of your service-provider engagements in which you had some involvement during the reporting year.

Type of engagement

% of engagements with some involvement
Service-provider engagements

09.5. Additional information. [Optional]

Some of our external managers conduct active ownership activities following our guidelines. They systematically report on proxy voting and occasionally on engagement.

LEA 10. Engagement methods

10.1. Indicate which of the following your engagement involved.

10.2. Additional information. [Optional]

LEA 11. Examples of ESG engagements

11.1. Provide examples of the engagements that your organisation or your service provider carried out during the reporting year.

ESG Topic
Health and Safety
Conducted by

Collaborative Engagement on Access to Medicine and SDG3 by UNPRI Collaboration platform

Scope and Process

Expanding access to medicine will help pharma companies enhance shareholder value in several ways:

-Unlock growth potential in emerging markets by reaching new populations.
-Mitigate the risk of unethical conduct.
-Enhance corporate reputations.
-Contribute to the creation of healthy societies


11.2. Additional information. [Optional]