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EIG Global Energy Partners

PRI reporting framework 2020

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FI 01. Incorporation strategies applied

以下を記載してください。 (1)組織でアクティブ運用する債券投資について、どのESG組み入れ戦略や組み合わせを使用しているか(2)各戦略が適用されるアクティブ運用債券投資合計の割合(+/- 5%)
0 スクリーニングのみ
0 テーマのみ
100 統合のみ
0 スクリーニング + 統合戦略
0 テーマ + 統合戦略
0 スクリーニング + テーマ戦略
0 3つの戦略すべての組み合わせ
0 組み入れ戦略を適用していない

01.2. 特定のESG組み入れ戦略を選択している理由と、使用する戦略の組み合わせを説明してください。

EIG is committed to ensuring that investments made by all EIG-managed funds are made in a manner that considers ethical and social integrity and promotes sound environmental management practices.

In addition to the already thorough diligence conducted by our investment teams to assess the economic suitability of a potential investment, our investment professionals also, in tandem, will conduct ESG-specific diligence to assess non-strictly financial considerations relating to sustainable development, environmental stewardship, social equity and corporate governance.

The ESG diligence conducted by EIG’s investment professionals is reviewed by ESG’s investment committee.

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FI 02. ESG issues and issuer research (Private)

FI 03. Processes to ensure analysis is robust

03.1. 組織のESG調査プロセスの堅牢性を確保する方法を記載してください。

03.2. ESG情報または分析を投資チーム内で共有する方法を記載してください。

03.3. 補足情報 [任意]

C) 実施:ESG問題の統合

FI 10. Integration overview

10.1. ESGを従来の財務分析に統合するアプローチを説明してください。

Pre-Investment ESG Diligence

  • EIG investment professionals focus specifically on ESG issues when conducting transaction diligence for covered Funds
  • EIG engages external advisors, as appropriate, to assist in performing due diligence on social and environmental issues
  • ESG Committee may identify further areas where additional diligence is warranted prior to presentation to the Investment Committee or prior to signing/closing the investment and will identify material ESG issues to the Investment Committee
  • For each new investment, an ESG Report is prepared and presented to Investment Committee
  • Upstream transactions take APG “Guidelines on Unconventional Gas Operations” into consideration

Closing Process

  • Representations and warranties in our investment documents serve as an important supplement to EIG’s ESG diligence practices
  • Through representations, warranties and covenants, we are generally able to require portfolio companies to report certain ESG issues to EIG both at the time of the initial investment and on an ongoing basis
  • Representations and warranties included in our investment documents typically require borrowers or investees to assert that no material ESG issues exist as of the time of the investment, or if such is not the case, to identify any ESG issues that may exist

Post-Investment Monitoring

  • After an investment is made, covenants in our investment documents may require (i) periodic (both quarterly and annual) reporting on select ESG metrics, and/or (ii) notification by portfolio companies on the occurrence of specific events that implicate ESG concerns
  • Quarterly asset-by-asset reviews are conducted by EIG investment professionals and senior management with specific reference to ESG incidents or issues
  • EIG seeks to maintain board of director seats and/or board observation rights which allow EIG to monitor, initiate, and participate in ESG discussions at the portfolio company level

10.2. 投資する債券の各種類に対してESG統合アプローチをどのように調整するのか説明してください。


In addition to the above response in FI 10.1, our ESG diligence process is risk-based. EIG-managed funds make investments across the spectrum of geographic regions and industries and in different positions in the capital structure. Our approach to due diligence will generally differentiate between OECD country investments and investments that are made in non-OECD countries, as well as our position in the capital structure. For example, in OECD countries where, in general, there are effective local legal regimes that govern environmental impacts, EIG's environmental diligence focus is on ensuring both the existence of effective internal policies and controls relating to the environment as well as actual compliance with local environmental laws. In developing countries with potentially less effective environmental legal or regulatory regimes, EIG's environmental diligence would be geared towards identifying specific environmental risks posed by a company's operations as well as potential corresponding mitigating measures the company may be able to take in response to such risks. Additionally, EIG's scrutiny of ESG issues connected to a project in a high-risk industry is enhanced.

Our ESG diligence approach is tailored both for the level of risk inherent in a portfolio company's industry as well as the effectiveness of the legal/regulatory regime in which it operates.

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FI 11. Integration - ESG information in investment processes

11.1. ESG情報が、通常、投資プロセスの一部としてどのように使用されるのか記載してください。


11.2. 補足情報 [任意]

FI 12. Integration - E,S and G issues reviewed

12.1. 組織の統合プロセスでESG問題をどのように検討するか示してください。





12.2. 組織の統合プロセスでE/S/G要因を検討する方法を詳しく説明してください。


In parallel with EIG's transaction diligence, investment professionals will conduct ESG-specific diligence to assess non-strictly financial considerations relating to sustainable development, environmental stewardship, social equity and corporate governance. The ESG Committee will review the findings of the ESG diligence and may identify further areas where additional diligence is warranted prior to presentation of the investment opportunity to the Investment Committee or prior to signing/closing the investment.

Subsequent to an investment being made, EIG undertakes a quarterly review process whereby quantitative and qualitative information specific to each investment, inclusive of ESG issues and updates, are reviewed and discussed.

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