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Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 13. ESG issues in strategic asset allocation

13.1. 貴社組織がシナリオ分析および/またはモデリングを実施するか記述してください。実施する場合、 シナリオ分析について説明してください(資産クラス別、セクター別、戦略的資産配分等)。

13.3. 補足情報 [任意]

We expect our fund managers to execute scenario analysis and/or modelling to assess ESG factors and to assess future climate-related risks and opportunities.  We are too small an organisation to do this work ourselves.

SG 13 CC.

SG 14. Long term investment risks and opportunity

14.1. 一部の投資リスクと機会は長期トレンドの結果として発生します。貴社では、以下のどの項目について考慮するか明示してください。


          Improvements in diversity in management.

other description (2)

          Human rights and societal intolerance.

14.2. 気候に関するリスクと機会に対応して組織で実施されている活動を選択してください。


Total AUM
10億 100万
Assets in USD
10億 100万


By the end of 2017 we had totally divested from fossil fuel extractive companies.

Although by investing sustainably we expect to invest in in low carbon and climate resilient portfolios, funds, strategies and asset classes, we also invest in  funds which explicitly invest in companies seeking environmental solutions through their products.

14.3. 次のツールの中から気候関連リスクと機会の管理に組織が用いているものを選択してください。

14.5. 補足情報 [任意]

We expect all our fund managers to use a variety of tools, including those listed above, to manage and model climate-related risks as part of their decision making process and to strive for long term carbon reduction.

When appointing new external managers, the carbon impact  of their portfolios always at the forefront of our discussions with them and we would not appoint or retain a manager who was not able to demonstrate both an appreciation of these issues and a strong commitment to sustainability. For this reason, all the funds in which we invest tend to have a relatively low carbon footprint and they typically exclude fossil fuel extractive companies, petrol and diesel car manufacturers or airlines. We do not specifically ask for emissions-risk monitoring and reporting within our contracts with our fund managers since, given the low relative level of risk in these areas for our portfolios, we would prefer to prioritise other matters. Instead we prefer to carry out, on an ongoing basis an all-encompassing evaluation of each of our external managers to ensure that their overall approach is compatible with our investment aims and objectives including those relating to climate change.

SG 14 CC.

14.6 CC. 気候に関連するリスクと機会を評価するために使用されるこれらの重要な指標についての詳細を記入してください。

          To measure the relative carbon footprint of our funds against benchmark and year on year.
          Varies between fund manager.
          To measure the relative carbon footprint of our portfolio against benchmark and year on year.
          Combination of measurements to reflect those used by our fund managers.

14.7 CC. 主要目標についてさらに詳しく記入してください。






14.8 CC. 気候関連のリスクが全体のリスク管理に組み込まれているかどうか記述してください。また、気候関連リスクを特定、評価、管理するために利用されたリスク管理プロセスについて説明してください。


We expect our fund managers to have processes to integrate climate-related risks into overall risk management.

14.9 CC. 貴社組織がTCFD採用を促すアクティブオーナーシップ活動を行うか記述してください。


We expect our fund managers to undertake active ownership activities to encourage TCFD adoption.

SG 15. Allocation of assets to environmental and social themed areas

15.1. 貴社にて、特定の環境および社会をテーマとする分野に基づいてファンドに資産を配分したり、ファンドを運用しているかどうかについて明示してください。

15.2. 環境および社会をテーマとする分野に投資された合計運用資産(AUM)の割合を明示してください。

8.0 %

15.3. 貴社が投資しているテーマ分野を明示のうえ、AUMに対する特定の資産クラスの割合を記載し、その内容を簡潔に説明してください。



8 % (AUMの)


We are invested in the Impax Asian Environmental Markets (Ireland) and Impax Environmental Markets PLC funds. The funds specifically invest in companies that provide environmental solutions through their products or services.

Our other funds also have some investments in these areas but they are not included in the above figures.


1 % (AUMの)


We are invested in Ethical Property Company, Ethical Property Europe and Social Justice and Human Rights Centre. These companies support groups working for social change by supplying office space and communal working facilities in an ethical and environmentally aware way.


1 % (AUMの)


See green buildings above.

15.4. 含めたい補足情報があれば、添付してください。 [任意]