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Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund

PRI reporting framework 2020

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PIIFの原則 5: 透明性

IFD 25. How mission and investment objectives are communicated to stakeholders (Private)

IFD 26. Investors and/or the public provided with information aligned with industry standards



26.1. PRI/PIIFの他に、あなたの組織が業界基準に準拠した情報を投資家や一般公衆に提供しているかどうかを明示してください。

26.2. 以下のガイドラインに沿った情報を提供していますか:


26.3. 補足情報 [任意]

We regularly participate in industry surveys, such as the GIIN, to increase transparency across the industry

IFD 27. Transparency of pricing, terms and conditions among investees



27.1. 投資先であるリテール機関が、以下の情報を透明性をもって、かつ、顧客(即ち、当該機関の金融サービスを求める人々)が理解できるような方法で十分に説明を尽くすよう促しているかどうかを明示してください。


27.2. 価格設定について顧客の理解を確実に得るためどのようにして万全を図っているかを明示してください、また、その具体例を記載してください。

Understanding products and how they are offered to ultimate clients is essential part of the due diligence process. This includes but it is not limited to clients visits or pricing anaylsis breakdown. This is systematically reviewed by analysts and is presented to the Investment Committee in their dossiers. Where provided, the Client Protection ALINUS is also reviewed, which has a particular component on responsible pricing.

During production of our social performance report this year, we have aggregated data on average interest rates charged by MFIs and then see how this translates into costs. When this exercise was previously performed, MFIs were making an average of -0.5% loss, now they are making an average of a 1% profit. This very modest level of profitability helps to provide reassurance in that appropriate pricing is used,.


27.3. その他の契約書条件について顧客の理解を確実に得るためどのようにして万全を図っているかを明示してください、また、その具体例を記載してください。

Understanding products and how they are offered to ultimate clients is essential part of the due diligence process. Analysts will enquire about this in their DD missions and also try to gauge clients understanding on these matters. They systematically spend time visiting clients and ask about their knowledge of products. They also shadow loan officers at work. This is presented to the Investment Committee. The results of this are also captured in the ALINUS.

27.4. 補足情報 [任意]