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Nordic Capital

PRI reporting framework 2020

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SG 18. Innovative features of approach to RI

18.1. Indicate whether any specific features of your approach to responsible investment are particularly innovative.

18.2. Describe any specific features of your approach to responsible investment that you believe are particularly innovative.

Nordic Capital is committed to investing responsibly and has a firm belief that responsible business practice is essential for achieving long-term success and value creation. With an extensive experience and broad resources organised around our core sectors, we have unique advantage delivering realisation of ESG values into all stages of our investment and ownership process from evaluation through to exit.

Our ambition is to help our portfolio companies become successful, sustainable businesses. We seek to do this in a responsible way, with a clear understanding of the environmental and social impacts. We continuously develop the ESG framework in an innovative way, including development of our own training modules, toolkit and new process to ensure full integration of ESG into the investment processes. To give an example of what we did in 2019, we invested in more sector specific DDQs and tools to support investment teams in early phase identification of material sustainability risks and opportunities. We also developed the training program to include more tools on materiality assessments and stakeholder dialogue.

Adapting to macro-trends and changes in global economic environment, requires us to continuously remain innovative when developing our ESG framework within areas such as climate change and technological development.

The ripple effect of our well-established ESG values within Nordic Capital, has not only contributed to common understanding, learning and engagement, but also created a drive and clear expectations on progress within the area of ESG. It has created long-term value for our portfolio companies.