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Stichting Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn

PRI reporting framework 2020

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Investment policy

SG 01. RI policy and coverage

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01.1. Indicate if you have an investment policy that covers your responsible investment approach.

01.2. Indicate the components/types and coverage of your policy.

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01.3. Indicate if the investment policy covers any of the following

01.4. Describe your organisation’s investment principles and overall investment strategy, interpretation of fiduciary (or equivalent) duties,and how they consider ESG factors and real economy impact.

The Board of Stichting Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn, hereinafter referred to as PFZW or the pension fund, adopted a investment framework for the period 2014-2020. This investment framework is intended to result in investments which are focused on efficient achievement of the pension ambition (in order to be able to pay out an income-linked pension). PFZW has chosen to integrate sustainability firmly within this investment framework. Please see our investment policy for more details:  

The investment framework describes three explicit sustainability initiatives: - Carbon footprint of the investments is halved by 2020 - The investments in solutions with positive societal impact are quadrupled by 2020 - Sustainability is fully integrated into all levels of the investment process by 2020.

In our Responsible Investment policy we describe in more detail what PFZW wishes to achieve, which instruments are used for this and on which beliefs our policy is based. Responsible investment implementation is outsourced to the PGGM. PFZW's responsible investment policy provides an umbrella and sets the framework for implementation by the asset manager.

01.5. Provide a brief description of the key elements, any variations or exceptions to your investment policy that covers your responsible investment approach. [Optional]

PFZW sees responsible investment as the means to integrate sustainability. PFZW seeks to achieve this by making choices with regard to investments and the way in which the pension fund acts as a player at the beginning of the financial chain, as well as through other responsible investment activities described in this document. The implementation of responsible investment has largely been outsourced to the asset manager, PGGM. PFZW's responsible investment policy provides an umbrella and sets the framework for implementation by the asset manager.

PFZW's responsible investment policy is based on the following convictions with regard to PFZW's role and responsibility:

1. PFZW assumes responsibility to help build an inhabitable and more sustainable world in which participants receive their pension.
2. PFZW can contribute to a more sustainable world by harnessing the driving force of money. The  large amount of capital entrusted to PFZW has a huge sociatal impact. That creates potential but also entails responsibilities. By managing the capital in a targeted way, PFZW can stimulate a positive contribution to a viable world and minimise any negative impact.
3. A sustainable, inhabitable world is necessary to generate sufficient returns in the long term. The way in which the world has been treated in past decades is no longer viable. It has led to fragile social, ecological, financial and economic systems. PFZW firmly believes that this will impact future investment results. In order to fulfil our pension ambition, both now and in the future, we must exercise greater care in handling the ultimately scarce resources for economic growth, such as raw materials, people and capital.
4. On the basis of conclusions drawn from a growing number of surveys, PFZW firmly believes that sustainability factors increasingly have a material impact on the risk-return profile of investments. Integrating sustainability in the investment policy contributes to returns over the long term.

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SG 01 CC. Climate risk (Private)

SG 02. Publicly available RI policy or guidance documents


02.1. Indicate which of your investment policy documents (if any) are publicly available. Provide a URL and an attachment of the document.


02.2. Indicate if any of your investment policy components are publicly available. Provide URL and an attachment of the document.

02.3. Additional information [Optional].

Our asset manager PGGM has published the guidelines for Engagement, Voting and the asset class-specific guidelines. These our based on our policy. Please see


SG 03. Conflicts of interest

03.1. Indicate if your organisation has a policy on managing potential conflicts of interest in the investment process.

03.2. Describe your policy on managing potential conflicts of interest in the investment process.

Our asset manager PGGM has a conflict of interests policy for the investment processes which they conduct on our behalf. This document describes the measures PGGM Investment Management has taken to identify, prevent, manage and monitor conflicts of interest so that conflicts of interest do not harm the interests of the fund.

With this policy PGGM Investment Management complies with Section 4:37e of the Netherlands Financial Markets Supervision Act (FMSA) (Wet op het financieel toezicht) and Articles 167 of the ‘Besluit gedragstoezicht financiële ondernemingen’.

This Policy explains how PGGM IM:

• identifies circumstances that could lead to conflicts of interest with a substantial risk that the interests of clients and participants in the investment funds managed by PGGM IM will be harmed;

• implements the appropriate mechanisms and systems to manage conflicts of interest;

• will maintain mechanisms and systems to prevent the client's interests will be affected by the identified conflicts of interest.

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SG 04. Identifying incidents occurring within portfolios (Private)