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PRI reporting framework 2019

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Evli’s engagement policy is combined to our Responsible Investment Principles.

We monitor funds managed by Evli Fund Management Company and direct equity investments quarterly to find out whether they contain companies that violate the principles of the UN Global Compact.

If we discover that a company we have invested in is violating the Global Compact principles we will first analyze the situation with the portfolio manager after which the Responsible Investment Steering Group will decide on further action. There are three options for further action: to monitor the situation, to start engagement measures or to place the company on the list of excluded investments. The purpose of engagement is to change the company’s practices so that they become more responsible.

We also collaborate with other investors to engage with companies when the target and goals of collaborative engagement are in line with Evli’s responsible investing principles. Most of Evli’s engagement work is based on UN Global Compact violations and serious suspicions of violations. We also do engagement based on other themes, such as governance issues and carbon emissions disclosure. 

During 2018, Evli Fund Management engaged individually with 10 companies. In addition, during 2018 we participated to several joint engagements: CDP Investor Letters (to 419 companies), Climate Action 100+ led engagement (162 companies) and PRI led engagement on climate change transition for oil and gas sector (39 companies).