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Liontrust Investment Partners LLP

PRI reporting framework 2019

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OO 01. Signatory category and services

01.1. Select the services and funds you offer



01.2. 追加情報 [任意]

Liontrust is a long term active fund management company that uses proprietary investment processes to identify and hold companies for our clients for the medium to long term. Our funds have a low average turnover - i.e. our average investment in a company is a number of years, and many companies have been held for much longer. Investing in companies over the long term emphasises the need for good governance and stewardship.

At the heart of the Liontrust culture are the proprietary investment processes that each team develops and applies to the management of their funds. Liontrust believe investment processes are key to consistent long-term performance and effective risk control. Each team have determined the key factors and processes that will drive stock selection. As part of this, portfolio managers are responsible for performing appropriate due diligence on their investments and this will, at a minimum, include regularly reviewing various aspects of a company including the strategy, performance, risk, capital structure and corporate governance. There is a recognition that these factors impact the long term returns of companies.

Liontrust recognises that good governance & stewardship, sustainability and social impact is important to stock selection and longer term performance. Liontrust investment teams take a holistic approach that aims to include any information in our investment decisions that could be material to investment performance which includes ESG factors - these factors are taken into account as there is a recognition that they may have a material effect on the returns delivered to clients. There are a number of core principles we apply across the whole of our fund range, these include:

  • A minimum standard of governance and behaviour of what we expect from companies we invest in;
  • Support from a central Governance and Stewardship team;
  • A commitment to the FRC’s Stewardship Code;
  • Active voting in line with clearly articulated voting policies.

Liontrust have a single specialised Sustainable Investment Team who, as at the 31st December 2018, manage over 30% of Liontrust's AUM. The Sustainable Investment Team fully integrate ESG issues into their investment process, taking a thematic approach to identify investment opportunities that are making a positive contribution to society (environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors).

Liontrust signed up to the PRI in April 2018, however the Sustainable Investment team have been signatories for a number of years and are represented on a number of PRI working groups to include PRI Cyber Security, PRI Sustainable Palm Oil Investor Working Group, PRI Global Investor Taskforce on Tax & the PRI Tax Advisory Committee and the PRI SDG and Active Ownership Committee and PRI Listed Equity Advisory Committee.


OO 02. Headquarters and operational countries

02.1. 組織の拠点がある場所を選択してください。

United Kingdom

02.2. オフィスが所在している国数を記載してください(本部を含む)。

02.3. 組織が正規雇用しているスタッフのおおよその人数を記載してください。

125 正規職員

02.4. 補足情報 [任意]

OO 03. Subsidiaries that are separate PRI signatories

03.1. 組織内に単独でPRI署名機関となっている子会社があるかどうかを記載してください。

03.3. 補足情報 [任意]

OO 04. Reporting year and AUM

04.1. 報告年度の最終日を記載してください。


04.2. 報告年度末のAUM合計を記載してください。

子会社のAUM(顧問業務/執行のみの資産を除きます)を含みますが、(OO 03.2で「いいえ」と回答した)報告しないことを選択したPRIの署名機関である子会社のAUMを除きます。
Total AUM
10億 100万
Assets in USD
10億 100万

04.4. 執行および顧問業務サービスを利用して運用する資産の報告年度末時点のAUM合計を記載してください。

04.5. 補足情報 [任意]

OO 06. How would you like to disclose your asset class mix

06.1. どのように資産クラス構成を開示したいかについて記載してください。



上場株式 >50% 82 0 0
債券 10-50% 11 0 0
プライベートエクイティ 0 0 0 0
不動産 0 0 0 0
インフラ 0 0 0 0
コモディティ 0 0 0 0
ヘッジファンド 0 0 0 0
ファンドオブヘッジファンズ 0 0 0 0
森林 0 0 0 0
農地 0 0 0 0
包括的な金融 0 0 0 0
現金 0 0 0 0
短期金融市場商品 0 0 0 0
その他(1)(以下に具体的に記入してください) <10% 7 0 0
その他(2)(以下に具体的に記入してください) 0 0 0 0


          Multi Asset

06.2. 添付の画像に従って組織の資産クラス構成を公表する

06.3. 組織にオフバランスシート資産はありますか?

06.5. 組織がフィデューシャリー・マネージャーを使うかどうかを記載してください。

06.6. AUM資産クラス分割について説明する情報を記載してください。 [任意]

OO 07. Fixed income AUM breakdown (Private)

OO 08. Segregated mandates or pooled funds (Not Applicable)

OO 09. Breakdown of AUM by market

09.1. 組織のAUMの内訳を市場別に示してください。

95 先進国市場
5 新興国市場
0 フロンティア
0 その他の市場
合計100% 100%

09.2. 補足情報 [任意]