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Silk Invest Ltd.

PRI reporting framework 2019

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OO 10. Active ownership practices for listed assets

10.1. 報告年度において組織が実施した積極的な保有活動(アクティブ・オーナーシップ)を選択してください。

上場株式 – エンゲージメント

上場株式 – 議決権行使

債券SSA – エンゲージメント

OO 11. ESG incorporation practices for all assets

11.1. 投資決定や積極的な保有の実務に(報告年度中に)ESGの組み入れを行った組織内で運用される資産クラスを以下から選択してください。


債券 – SSA







11.3b. 組織外で運用する資産について、組織がESG要因を投資決定に組み込まない場合は、その理由を説明してください。

Our firm invests in externally managed funds only in a very limited number of cases:

- Cash management - the money-market funds we target are very specific in nature and need to be pre-approved by our Custody partners which are covering only very limited number of funds.

- Diversification - the UCITS compliant global frontiers fund we have invested in for diversification purposes was an actively managed portfolio and didn't had any ESG criteria in its stock selection process. That position was sold

- The commodity-linked ETPs we have positions in do not provide the possibility to invest in ESG instruments. Hence, we had no direct or indirect exposure to the performance of the Agriculture commodity sub-sector.

OO 12. Modules and sections required to complete

12.1. 自主的な報告を希望される場合には、該当するするモジュールやセクションを以下のリストから選択して下さい。組織のAUMの10%以上を占める資産クラスについてのみ報告が義務付けられています。



自己運用 - 上場株式の組入れ

自己運用 - 上場株式の積極的な保有

自己運用 – 債券

自己運用 - 専用のモジュールがあるその他の資産クラス



12.2. 補足情報 [任意]

The Africa Lions Equity Fund: Launched in June 2009, the Fund is a daily liquidity Luxembourg UCITS regulated fund. The Fund changed name on December 21st 2018 to Silk African And Frontier Markets and its strategy was transformed on the same date. The portfolio is now managed as a Global Frontier Equity Strategy.

The Silk Invest Frontier Strategy invests in listed equities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) and Southern Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam). The Silk Invest Frontier Strategy has a consumer focused orientation and is unconstrained (benchmark agnostic). The stocks we choose capture the upside of economic development in these countries and we strongly believe in the consumer opportunity as an attractive and long-term investment theme.

The Silk Road Frontiers Fund; Launched in 2010, the Fund is a daily liquidity Luxembourg UCITS regulated fund. The Fund changed name to African Multi-Alpha Fund on December 21st 2018 and its strategy was transformed on the same date. The portfolio had its investment universe  enlarged and now encompasses Pan-African Equity and Bond instruments. Given the bottom up analysis approach we adopt, the fund has majority holdings in mid and small cap stocks, which reflects the diversified nature of the current African market. We advise on a similar Pan-Africa long only equity mandates in separate accounts as well. The successful African markets, as in Asia, are leading the industrialization of the region. At Silk Invest we believe that this new generation of nations will become the future lions. Our focus in these dominant markets is to invest in the stocks and bonds which will both outperform their local peers and become true leaders in their field.

The Silk Sustainable Real Assets Strategy is a diversified strategy that invests in sectors such as Water, Timber, Energy, Infrastructure...which offer positive correlation with inflation, have few or limited substitutes and benefit from global economic growth. The investment management team allocates portfolio resources across different asset classes (equities, bonds, commodities linked instruments, cash...) globally.