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Community Capital Management, INC.

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Asset class implementation not reported in other modules

SG 16. ESG issues for internally managed assets not reported in framework

Describe how you address ESG issues for internally managed assets for which a specific PRI asset class module has yet to be developed or for which you are not required to report because your assets are below the minimum threshold.

Asset Class

Describe what processes are in place and the outputs or outcomes achieved

Listed equities – ESG incorporation

Like fixed income, we evaluate an equity security from an impact and financial perspective.  We bring the same impact-focused approach to all asset classes. CCM uses a combination of third party and in-house research to determine where potential holdings fall within the following four-part segmentation:

Strong Positive Impact: contains strong positive impact attributes – eligible for investment

Moderate Positive Impact: has specific impact characteristics – eligible for investment

Neutral Impact: maintains neutral posture toward ESG risk – eligible for investment

Negative Impact: has excessive ESG related risk – not eligible for investment

CCM uses a proprietary impact tracking methodology that evaluates investments for alignment with our impact themes. Initially developed for CCM’s work in fixed income, the impact tracking is now applied to equities. Each holding is evaluated, researched, and tagged using these impact themes.

Listed equities -  engagement 

We monitor all of our investments to ensure they continue to meet our financial and impact objectives.  We will have engagement - if needed - during the research process and if the security is purchased, along the way.

Other (1) [as defined in Organisational Overview module]

Our liquid alternative strategy employes the same impact/ESG assessments and criteria as is in our fixed income and equity strategies given it's dual investment approach of investing in both sectors.

16.2. Additional information [Optional].

SG 17. ESG issues for externally managed assets not reported in framework (Not Applicable)