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PRI reporting framework 2019

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SG 19. Communication

19.1. Indicate whether your organisation typically discloses asset class specific information proactively. Select the frequency of the disclosure to clients/beneficiaries and the public, and provide a URL to the public information.

Caution! The order in which asset classes are presented below has been updated in the online tool to match the Reporting Framework overview.
If you are transferring data from an offline document, please check your response carefully.

Private equity

Do you disclose?

The information disclosed to clients/beneficiaries is the same

Disclosure to public and URL
Disclosure to clients/beneficiaries

Disclosure to public and URL

Disclosure to clients/beneficiaries

19.2. Additional information [Optional]

The Bridgepoint Annual Review comprises a dedicated section to responsible investment and provides details on our pre and post investment approach, our governance arrangements and selected portfolio company case studies. 

ESG updates are typically incorporated into our Annual Investor Meeting and Limited Partner Advisory Committee meetings which occur every six months. Our Head of ESG provided an ESG update at the LPAC meeting held in London in November 2018.

An ESG brochure is also available for all guests that visit Bridgepoint, which is located within our client meeting areas.