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PRI reporting framework 2019

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Pre-investment (selection)

PR 04. Incorporating ESG issues when selecting investments

04.1. Indicate if your organisation typically incorporates ESG issues when selecting property investments.

04.2. Provide a description of your organisation's approach to incorporating ESG issues in property investment selection.

When selecting new property investments SPF Beheer looks at multiple metrics, among which are ESG-related. In the Netherlands, many ESG-restrictions are grounded in legislation. Besides this legislation, we also have our own expectations.

04.3. Indicate which E, S and/or G issues are typically considered by your organisation in the property investment selection process, and list up to three examples per issue.

Environmental example 1, description

          Energy labels (EPC) of buildings

Environmental example 2, description

          Soil contamination of the objects we buy

Environmental example 3, description

          Accessibility of the real estate object with public transport

Social example 1, description [OPTIONAL]


Social example 2, description [OPTIONAL]


Social example 3, description [OPTIONAL]


Governance example 1, description


Governance example 2, description


Governance example 3, description

          Our main regulatory focus is fiscal regimes

04.4. Additional information. [Optional]

PR 05. Types of ESG information considered in investment selection (Private)

PR 06. ESG issues impact in selection process

06.1. Indicate if ESG issues impacted your property investment selection process during the reporting year.

06.2. Indicate how ESG issues impacted your property investment deal structuring processes during the reporting year.

06.3. Additional information.

ESG issues did not lead to the abandonment of potential investments. Potentially this could be the case. We, however, only invest in newly build objects. These are subject to strict ESG regulations.

Regarding PR06.2; there is very little deal structuring to do in the markets we are in. It is either buy or let go. Wherever we can, however, we do incorporate ESG into the process.