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Charter Hall Group

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Occupier engagement

PR 12. Proportion of property occupiers that were engaged with

12.1. Indicate the proportion of property occupiers your organisation, and/or your property managers, engaged with on ESG issues during the reporting year.

(in terms of number of occupiers)

12.2. Indicate if the following practises and areas are typically part of your, and/or your property managers’, occupier engagements.

12.3. Additional information. [Optional]

Charter Hall's Office standard precedent lease, has achieved a Gold Star Green Lease standard, in accordance with the Better Building Partnership leasing provisions.  These provisions encourage the landlord, occupier or both to carry out their roles in a sustainable way and relate to achievement of specific ESG outcomes.  Charter Hall's involvement, with the City of Sydney's Better Building Partnership, on both the executive committee and chairing the tenant working group has resulted in expansion of ESG considerations in leases and fit-out and development guidelines. 

Charter Hall retail and office fit-out and development guidelines include ESG considerations.  

Charter Hall engages annually with our office and retail tenant customers on Earth Hour.  Different properties, across the portfolio, hold a range of customer events, with some linking into our community and education partners.  In FY18, Charter Hall partnered with WWF to also engage with Charter Hall employees on climate change and provided volunteer activities for employees to build solar lights for communities in Papua New Guinea.

In areas where there have been adverse extreme weather events, Charter Hall has undertaken significant engagement with our office and retail tenant customers and shopping centre customers, to ensure continuity of trade, where appropriate, and management and communications of emergency situations. 

Charter Hall also undertakes annual tenant customer surveys across our Office, Retail and Industrial portfolios.

Charter Hall and our major retail waste contractor, Veolia, have engaged with our retail tenant customers in the development of the Retail Waste Management Strategy.  This engagement has resulted in feedback on waste generation, training as well as reductions in waste generation.

Charter Hall engaged with our industrial tenant customers on opportunities for renewable energy in developments and standing assets, increasing the Charter Hall renewable footprint and enabling our tenant customers the opportunity to better understand the benefits of renewable energy.  

Charter Hall partnered with Two Good to provide our tenant and shopper customers awareness on domestic violence and provide 20,000 meals to domestic violence shelters across Australia.

PR 13. Proportion of green leases or MOUs referencing ESG issues (Private)