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Charter Hall Group

PRI reporting framework 2019

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PR 08. ESG issues in post-investment activities

08.1. Indicate if your organisation, and/or property managers, considers ESG issues in post-investment activities relating to your property assets.

08.2. Indicate whether your organisation, and/or property managers, considers ESG issues in the following post-investment activities relating to your property assets.

08.3. Describe how your organisation, and/or property managers, considers ESG issues in post-investment activities related to your property assets.

Property Monitoring and Management

Charter Hall monitors key operational and environmental aspects of each property, through metering, monthly and quarterly reports on usage, utilising dashboards and suppliers. Environmental and operational targets on performance are reviewed monthly and achievements reported quarterly. 

NABERS ratings are reviewed and tracked annually and as of FY18 tracked against targets.  All ratings are publicly reported annually in the sustainability report.

178 Charter Hall offices, retail centres and industrial buildings have a Green Star Performance rating, resulting in Charter Hall having the largest Green Star footprint in Australia. These ratings will be reviewed annually and provide further opportunities to extend ESG considerations in property monitoring and management.  

Property fitout guidelines further identify ESG opportunities to enhance the operation and customer comfort of our properties.

Charter Hall's office precedent lease has achieved a Gold Standard Green Lease rating by the City of Sydney's Better Building Partnership.  

Charter Hall seeks further third-party certification of its property and investment management through investor surveys such as GRESB, DJSI, CDP and PRI.  These surveys identify the broad spectrum of ESG issues and provides Charter Hall international benchmarks to manage our property assets and measure our performance.

Property Developments and Major Renovations

Charter Hall has set development targets, for large developments, of a minimum 5 Star Green Star Design and As Built.  All new office developments will also seek WELL Certification.  In FY18, Charter Hall Perth and Melbourne tenancies achieved a Silver WELL Interiors rating.

Each property sector has identified ESG initiatives to be incorporated into their developments, either in their development or fitout guidelines. Engagement with our tenant customers in the development and renovation process also enables further opportunity for ESG initiatives.

All Charter Hall large developments partner with a local charity where Charter Hall and contractors raise funds for a charity program or infrastructure.  In FY18, Charter Hall undertook developments that raised funds for youth projects, medical research and homelessness.  In FY18, Charter Hall continued to pilot an employment project on one of its Victorian development sites, in partnership with two major contractors and community partners.

Property Occupier Engagements

Charter Hall undertake a range of engagement techniques with our tenant customers including an annual tenant survey, which are then compared to industry benchmarks.  Charter Hall engage with our customers through a range of other techniques including email, face-to-face meetings, joint initiatives and individual building and wider portfolio events (such as annual Earth Hour events).

Charter Hall recognise that our suppliers, such as facilities managers, concierge, cleaners, waste contactors and security are also a valued information source on tenant customer engagement and feedback.  Charter Hall works with its suppliers and utilises their systems to enhance the Group's customer engagement and respond to our tenant customer needs.  For example, our retail waste contractor, Veolia, undertook waste management plans for our retail portfolio, which commenced with engaging our tenant customers in New South Wales shopping centres, understanding their waste needs and practices and developing a waste management plan that reduced waste for both our customers and our retail centres overall.

Community Engagements

Charter Hall's community investment strategy, Pledge 1%, encourages our people and our places to make a difference in the communities in which we operate.  Charter Hall employees engage and volunteer in our local communities and our places provide space for community organisations to promote and provide local services and undertake programs.  Charter Hall partners with local and national community partners to expand our community investment. In FY18, Charter Hall contributed 330 personal and team volunteering days; $1.3 million in space to the community; and $600,000 towards community partnerships. Charter Hall engages with our investor customers through a range of techniques including investor surveys, face-to-face meetings, teleconferences and forums

Charter Hall engages with our government and industry stakeholders through a range of industry groups and associations.