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Charter Hall Group

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Property monitoring and management

PR 09. Proportion of assets with ESG targets that were set and monitored

09.1. Indicate the proportion of property assets for which your organisation, and/or property managers, set and monitored ESG targets (KPIs or similar) during the reporting year.

(in terms of number of property assets)

09.2. Indicate which ESG targets your organisation and/or property managers typically set and monitor

Progress Achieved
          Pathway developed for a 2-degree reduction in emissions by FY2020
Achieve 2- Degree reduction in emissions by FY2025
Aspiration: Net Zero
          All assets have climate change adaptation plans by FY2020
          All assets have environmental management plans to AS 14001 by FY2020
          Development of 2-degree reduction pathway following Science Based Targets in FY18.
NABERS pathways to improved targeted ratings completed, for Office assets, in FY18
          All assets achieved climate risk assessments in FY17.  Climate change adaptation plans in development throughout FY18 tracking towards FY20 targets.
          In FY18 development of a draft Environmental Management Plan for rollout in FY19. Pre–certification audits were conducted across 10 office and industrial properties.
Progress Achieved
          National programs with communities and partners to curate creative and community programs in all large assets.
          Stakeholder engagement plans prepared by 100% of developments by FY2020
          Employment strategy developed for all large developments by FY2020
          Our Pledge made a difference in our communities contributing: 
• $600,000 in donations
- 330 Days of volunteering  
• $1.3 million or 17,798sqm of space
          Stakeholder engagement plans prepared and implemented in office and retail development projects.
          Employment approach developed, and two pilot projects undertaken in Melbourne and Adelaide office developments, resulting in 81% of participants achieving employment outcomes.
Progress Achieved
          Human Rights Framework implemented across all Charter Hall assets and operations by FY2020
          Wellbeing Strategy for our people and our places developed and implemented by FY2020
          WELL building accreditation sought for all large Charter Hall state offices and in new office developments by FY2020
          Human Rights Framework commenced with a review of supplier risk assessment.  Charter Hall Human Rights Policy adopted in November 2017.  Participation in supplier portal project.
          Wellbeing Survey undertaken for Charter Hall Employees by our Employee Assistance Provider. in FY17.  Ritualize program rolled out to all employees in FY18.
          Charter Hall Melbourne and Perth Offices achieved Silver WELL Building Interiors Certification. Three office development projects, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide registered for WELL Building certification.

09.3. Additional information. [Optional]

Charter Hall outsources the facilities management of our office and industrial portfolios to CBRE.  The facilities management contract includes ESG KPI's which align with our targets in environmental (energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction, climate resilience), social (stakeholder and community engagement) and governance outlined in our FY18 Sustainability Report.

Charter Hall requires all principal development contractors to meet our sustainability development targets throughout the development, including a minimum 5 Star Green Star Design and As Built ratings (for large developments), WELL ratings (for office developments), as well as participation in stakeholder engagement, employment and charity projects.

Charter Hall requires our waste contractors, to develop waste management plans, in line with our waste reduction targets in the FY18 Shared Value and Sustainability Strategy, with KPIs aligned to these targets.

Charter Hall has integrated sustainability elements in all new facilities management contracts to enable achievement of targets.

PR 10. Certification schemes, ratings and benchmarks

10.1. Indicate whether your property assets are assessed against certification schemes, ratings and/or benchmarks

10.2. List the certification schemes, ratings and/or benchmarks your property assets are assessed against and what proportion of your property assets they apply to.

          NABERS Energy and NABERS Water
Proportion of property assets these apply to

(in terms of number of property assets)

          GBCA Green Star Certification
Proportion of property assets these apply to

(in terms of number of property assets)

Proportion of property assets these apply to

(in terms of number of property assets)

10.3. Indicate if your organisation uses property specific reporting standards to disclose information related to your property investments’ ESG performance.

Australian NGERs

10.4. Additional information.

Charter Hall has 178 Green Star Performance ratings across its office, industrial and retail portfolio in FY18 and an additional 20 Green Star Design and As Built Ratings for our office developments, resulting in Charter Hall having Australia's largest Green Star footprint.

Charter Hall Group responded to PRI, CDP, DJSI, MSCI and FTSE4Good surveys in FY18.  Eight Charter Hall funds (two listed and six unlisted funds)  responded to GRESB in FY18.

All eligible Charter Hall office and retail assets seek a NABERS Energy and Water rating.

The FY18 Charter Hall Sustainability Report is prepared in accordance with GRI.